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Cool Kid

Blazing Trails Outdoors and in Life: Cool Kid - Garret Wesnitzer

By Gayle M. Irwin "I really enjoy being active," said 16-year-old Garret Wesnitzer. That activity involves outdoor sports, such as hiking, backpacking, and rock climbing in summer, hunting for deer and elk in fall, and downhill skiing in winter....more>

The Assassination - THE CONCLUSION!!!

"Wait a minute, Anna, hang up the phone!" Roy exclaimed. Anna had already begun to call an ambulance for Jason, but clicked the phone off with a questioning look. ...more>

Around Our Town: Beartrap Summer Festival

The 2016 Beartrap Summer Festival is set for August 6th and 7th in Beartrap Meadow on Casper Mountain....more>

The Assassination - Part IX

Jonathan knew Elijah and Roy would be able to help him free Jason, but from what he'd overheard from the other side of the hidden door he was trying to get through, he knew he couldn't wait to find them before attempting it himself. He...more>

Casper Critters

Take Your Dog to Work Day: Celebrate the Joy of Pet Companionship!

By Gayle M. Irwin Have you ever taken your dog (or other pet) to work? On June 24, you can! (Okay it with your boss first though!)....more>

The Assassination - Part VIII

The "endless" hallway (June 05). Have a man in black who is evil looking ( I like the one from Dec 05, but his eyes need to show, so whatever you can find) -- make sure it's really obvious that he has red hair!! -- standing in the hallway. ...more>

Business Spotlight

Summit Title Services

Summit Title Services Community Involvement Summit Title Services is owned by a trio of investors who are proud to live in and make Wyoming their home....more>

The Assassination - Part VII

Jonathan pretended not to hear whoever it was that called him. He knew that getting himself worked up would not help at all. I...more>

Around Our Town: Library Events

Calendar of Events June 2016 Tuesday June 14 Launching Little Learners 10:30 am, Crawford Room, ages ...more>

The Assassination - Part VI

"Dad," Anna Cohen said, relieved that Jonathan was home to answer the phone, "Elijah and Roy still aren't back." ...more>
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A Tribute to Michael P. Stedillie

Kelly Walsh's Speech and Theater Instructor Retires

In a one-room schoolhouse in Aladdin, Wyoming, Michael P. Stedillie's love for story began. Mrs. Ripley, his second-grade teacher, supplied him with a plethora of books to read: books about Wyoming History, Western History, historic poetry such as Beowulf, and more....more>

The Assassination - Part V

Roy gave Elijah a call at 4:00 AM, as wide awake as ever, surprising coming from Roy, but by no means unwelcome since Elijah had been up all night, anyway. ...more>

To Your Health

Chronic times for the Cervical spine, Part Two

Howdy! Well, we are back again dealing with effects of technology these days. In the last article I focused on the negative effects of looking down working on lap tops, ipads, and general activities such as cell phone texting, face booking etc....more>

The Assassination - Part IV

As soon as the Pattersons left Elijah's house, Elijah got right back to work and worked twice as fast to make up for lost time....more>

Around Our Town: Wyoming Otolaryngology

Choosing Hearing Instruments

Cheryl Drost, Au.D. Wyoming Otolaryngology Casper, Wyoming We are all familiar with the mantra, "When purchasing real estate, base your decision on Location, Location, Location....more>

Around Our Town: Game and Fish

Newborn wildlife best left alone, even in urban areas

Every spring brings an array of newborn wildlife to Wyoming, and the Game and Fish wants to remind people to leave these newborns alone and walk away for the animals' sake....more>
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Cover Family

Hard Work, Sacrifice, and Role-Modelling: The Steve and Courtney Reynolds Family

By Gayle M. Irwin "Being a dad is the most important job a man can have I get to teach my kids to love God by how I love them, to be a positive example in their lives," said Steve Reynolds....more>

Marriage and Family


Winston Churchill, Patty Duke, Linda Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Isaac Newton, Jimmy Piersall (professional athlete), Brooke Shields, Vincent Van Gogh, Ludwig Von Beethoven and Terry Bradshaw are familiar names in most households....more>

Family Finances

The Financial Side of Being a Caregiver

`Caring for a family member is complex. While deeply meaningful, it can be emotionally taxing and often presents unexpected challenges, often financial ones....more>

Gentle Virtues


My family helps me around the house. As a thank you to them, I do the evening dishes. Sometimes I struggle to tackle plate after plate, spoon after spoon, pot after pan....more>

Around Our Town: Wyoming Medical Center

Meet our Docs: Bruce Ebrahimpour, M.D., is fellowship-trained in total joint reconstruction You could say a broken arm led to a career in orthopedics for P....more>

Andrew's Secret Part V

Not sure what's going on? Read previous installments of Andrew's Secret in our online archive....more>

Andrew's Secret Part IV

So far . . . In a small Wyoming town called Wagon Wheel a man has made a sudden mystery appearance....more>

Andrew's Secret part III

So far . . . In a small Wyoming town called Wagon Wheel a man has made a sudden mystery appearance....more>

Andrew's Secret part II

Last month . . . In a small Wyoming town called Wagon Wheel a young man has made a sudden mystery appearance....more>

Andrew's Secret part I

March 28, 2004 Distant, quiet, echoing voices . . . ringing, loud ringing . . . throbbing, thumping, Andrew didn't know what was happening....more>
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