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Cover Family

Building a Legacy of Faith, Family and Friends: Jennifer & Sean McGuire

By Gayle Irwin As they anticipate the birth of their first child in September, Jennifer and Sean McGuire already have in mind how they will raise their baby strong in faith, closeness with family, and encouraging friends building upon the foundation given them by their parents....more>

The Assassination - THE CONCLUSION!!!

"Wait a minute, Anna, hang up the phone!" Roy exclaimed. Anna had already begun to call an ambulance for Jason, but clicked the phone off with a questioning look. ...more>

Family Finance

Family Matters: It's Important to Discuss Finances

It might come as no surprise that Americans' confidence in achieving their financial goals and their optimism about the country's financial future has declined significantly during the past five years....more>

The Assassination - Part IX

Jonathan knew Elijah and Roy would be able to help him free Jason, but from what he'd overheard from the other side of the hidden door he was trying to get through, he knew he couldn't wait to find them before attempting it himself. He...more>

Lawn and Garden

Late Frost Protective Tips

I don't know about you but I think the 2012 spring has been the warmest we have seen in ten years. People have been planting things since early April....more>

The Assassination - Part VIII

The "endless" hallway (June 05). Have a man in black who is evil looking ( I like the one from Dec 05, but his eyes need to show, so whatever you can find) -- make sure it's really obvious that he has red hair!! -- standing in the hallway. ...more>

Marriage and Family

The Fate of the Bird

I once heard a story of a small village in which lived a very wise old man. The villagers would often come to him for advice and his wisdom was highly regarded....more>

The Assassination - Part VII

Jonathan pretended not to hear whoever it was that called him. He knew that getting himself worked up would not help at all. I...more>

Around Our Town: Wyoming Medical Center

Wyoming Medical Center, Joint Commission Certified in the treatment of stroke, encourages you to learn how you can take control of your health during National Stroke Awareness Month.

Learn How to Help Prevent a Stroke About 700,000 Americans will have a stroke this year—and nearly 164,000 of them will die, according to the American Heart Association....more>

The Assassination - Part VI

"Dad," Anna Cohen said, relieved that Jonathan was home to answer the phone, "Elijah and Roy still aren't back." ...more>

Around Our Town: Speas Fish Hatchery

Dan Speas Fish Hatchery Dedication Set For April 27

CASPER The Wyoming Game and Fish Department invites the public to attend a special dedication for the Dan Speas Fish Hatchery from 9-11 a....more>

The Assassination - Part V

Roy gave Elijah a call at 4:00 AM, as wide awake as ever, surprising coming from Roy, but by no means unwelcome since Elijah had been up all night, anyway. ...more>
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Cool Kid

Tackling Life with Strength, Faith and Encouragement: Artem Day

By Gayle Irwin Imagine being ten-years-old, living in an orphanage in a different country not speaking English and you are told an American family plans to adopt you....more>

The Assassination - Part IV

As soon as the Pattersons left Elijah's house, Elijah got right back to work and worked twice as fast to make up for lost time....more>

Around Our Town: Cooking

It's BBQ Time

Many in Wyoming BBQ all year long, but most begin this cooking art once the days are longer and the temperatures are warm....more>

Around Our Town: Game and Fish

Third State Fishing Record for Angler

At some point in his life Tom Durst must have made the fishing gods very happy. Or maybe it was an early birthday present, because it happened the day before his 69th birthday....more>

Casper Critters

Pet Overpopulation is Everyone's Concern

By Gayle M. Irwin Spring not only brings flowers but also litters of puppies and kittens. Pet overpopulation is rampant, evidenced by the numbers of kittens and puppies brought in every year to area animal shelters, including the Casper Humane Society and Metro Animal Control....more>

Legally Speaking

Chemical Restraint in Nursing Homes

As the population continues to grow and to get older, the number of residents in nursing homes is on the rise, and more and more for profit nursing homes are opening....more>

Around Our Town: Relay for Life

River-Rail CFCU is walking for Relay for Life. Help us raise money for the Relay for Life event. The walk will take place July 27th & 28th at the N....more>
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Business Spotlight

Eye Care Expands to New Frontiers: Frontier Eye Care

By Gayle Irwin Eye care specialist Dr. Doug Hodgson has practiced in Casper for more than ten years, but recently he opened a new clinic in the Foothills Professional Offices on East Second Street....more>

To Your Health

Phone Messages

The following piece was one of the most frustrating I have written in a while. My editor and I talked about it and she encouraged me to go ahead and write about it because it would give folks something to ponder....more>

Gentle Virtues

Fear in Disguise

Some years ago, near harvested cotton fields and peanut crops, my family and I attended a Mardi Gras parade....more>

Safety Pro

House Safety Tour the Family Room

No matter what you call this room the den, living room, family room this is the room where at some point in time everyone in the family will meet and/or entertain friends, family, and themselves....more>

Andrew's Secret Part V

Not sure what's going on? Read previous installments of Andrew's Secret in our online archive....more>

Around Our Town: Library Events

Public Service Announcements 5/21/2012 Parenting Outdoors: Nature as Inspiration and Lesson Did you know it is important for children to spend time outdoors? Learn how to use outdoor activities to help your child learn and grow with Wanda Peters, Nature Center Supervisor at the Audubon Center at Garden Creek....more>

Andrew's Secret Part IV

So far . . . In a small Wyoming town called Wagon Wheel a man has made a sudden mystery appearance....more>

Andrew's Secret part III

So far . . . In a small Wyoming town called Wagon Wheel a man has made a sudden mystery appearance....more>

Andrew's Secret part II

Last month . . . In a small Wyoming town called Wagon Wheel a young man has made a sudden mystery appearance....more>

Andrew's Secret part I

March 28, 2004 Distant, quiet, echoing voices . . . ringing, loud ringing . . . throbbing, thumping, Andrew didn't know what was happening....more>
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