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Cool Kid

Janelle Kull

By Sherri Roberts Janelle's last name says it all. It's Kull, but it's pronounced "cool". In her 15 years, she has become a world traveler who reads, writes, and speaks Chinese, English, and some Spanish! There are so many notable things about Janelle, but one of the most special things is the way she got this cool last name....more>

Family Finance

A Realistic Perspective on Risk

How much risk are you as an investor willing to accept? This is one of the most important factors that can affect the way you structure your portfolio and your overall financial plan....more>

Game and Fish

Hunting Outlook for the Season

Hunters shouldn't have to travel far from Casper to find good hunting this season, as the outlook for most big game animals is very good....more>

Gentle Virtues

The Royal Blue Pencil

I love the color blue. I love the blueness of the sky, the cornflower blue crayon and blue lobelia spilling over the edge of a flower pot....more>
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Business Spotlight

The Herbal Remedies Store

By Sherri Roberts At the corner of A Street and Jackson there is a beautifully quaint business which must have a magic door....more>

Legally Speaking

Protect Your Identity

A healthy dose of skepticism about anonymous advice offered through email forwards is appropriate, but I did a little checking when these tips arrived in my Inbox....more>

Marriage and Family

Changing the World

With the changing seasons comes a changing lifestyle. Soon we will be entering the fall, and already we are starting to see the indicators....more>

If These Walls Could Talk

Pillow Talk

Eighteen year old Lydia was impressed with the beautiful handmade textiles she saw when visiting Thailand....more>
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Cover Family

The Weis Family

One glance at this month's cover photo and it is obvious that his little granddaughters are the apple ot Wade Weis's eye....more>

Lawn and Garden

Mums and Asters - Best Bet for Fall Color

Although everyone around Casper always comments on how short our growing season is, it still never fails to surprise me how fast it really goes by....more>

Casper Critters

The Joy of Living with a Mature Pet

By Gayle M. Irwin Call our house the 'geriatric home for dogs': Sage turns 11 years old this month, and Cody is now 12....more>

Safety Pro

The Need For Speed: Painful Lessons

Very few people are like my father, having the patience that I believe far exceeded anything Job (pronounced, Jobe, long 'o' from the Bible) could ever claim to have....more>
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