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Cool Kid

Jesse Kinion

By Sherri Roberts The class of excited young children and nervous teachers waits in breathless anticipation for the impending explosion and they are not disappointed....more>

Family Finances

Making Your Dollar Travel Farther

The recession has given many of us grounds to tighten up our spending habits. Non-necessities have been limited, and luxuries—such as travel abroad—have been taken off the table....more>

To Your Health

The Slouch-Addendum

Well, as I promised, I will address some items regarding this series of articles we just completed. It has been brought to my attention that some individuals have been sitting on a leg for as long as they can remember even to the point of doing it at work....more>

Gentle Virtues

The Final Word

Do you ever want to have the final word? I have and I remember one particular time that I wanted it badly....more>
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Cover Family

My Marvelous Mom

By Brittany Pettit (age 11) If I follow in the footsteps of my mom, I will be a wonderful wife and mother....more>

Marriage and Family


The beginning of a relationship is often full of excitement, passion and joy. Think about your relationship at its early stages and compare how it is now....more>

Legally Speaking

Big Rigs = Big Problems

We all know the feeling: that uncomfortable tightening of the chest we get when we look into our rearview mirror and see an 80,000 pound 18 wheeler truck barreling down on our back bumper....more>

If These Walls Could Talk

Decorating on a Budget

Even in these tough economic times we long to add grace and beauty to our homes. Through careful shopping, planning and prioritizing we can achieve that goal....more>
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Business Spotlight

Adventures in Christian Kamping

By Sherri Roberts Where could my kids go this summer to enjoy rappelling, horseback riding, trail rides, archery, go karts, rifles, mountain biking, bmx riding, and canoeing for $150....more>

Game and Fish Article

Watercraft Inspections for Aquatic Invasive Species

With the upcoming adoption of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) regulations in the near future, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is receiving questions about the requirement to have watercraft inspected....more>

Around Our Town - Safety

Bees, Bugs, Bites, and Bumps - Spring's Here!

Whew! It's been quite the winter. Record snowfalls led to fabulous skiing, sledding, and snowmobiling while increasing heart attacks from shoveling, pile-ups on the highways, and frostbitten fingers and toes....more>

Casper Critters

Kindness - Reach Out to Help Pets and Our Community

By Gayle M. Irwin Kindness giving of oneself in service to others in order to make another's life better....more>
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