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Cool Kid

Kaylee Sorter

Kaylee Sorter admits that she is not used to being the center of attention. "My brother is usually the one in the spotlight," she said....more>


Attracting, Growing, & Retaining Great Employees Thinking Outside the Box

The idea of starting a new business venture is daunting enough by itself, but realizing that your success is seriously dependent upon the quality, performance, & productivity of others to deliver your company's products or services can really make a business owner shake in her boots! That's exactly how I felt when starting SENIORx PATIENT ADVOCATES two years ago....more>

If These Walls Could Talk

Going, Going, Gone...

January is the month when all of the decorating experts start predicting what will be newly in vogue for the coming year....more>

Lawn and Garden

Hedges, Borders and Windbreaks

This summer I spent a lot of time around town looking at people's gardens. I tried to focus on plants that were performing exceptionally well, or that were perhaps a little more rare and unusual....more>

Marriage and Family

The Greatest Treasure

A few weeks ago the Weather Channel played a segment addressing the issue of kids being left in the vehicle during hot days....more>

Casper Critters

Give of Yourself to Help Animals in Need

By Gayle Irwin A few months ago, I transported two female Springer Spaniels to their adoptive parents, a couple who wanted to give them a permanent, forever home....more>
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Cover Family

The Gary and Angel Anderson Family

Kerissa Anderson turns seven years-old this month. At this tender age, she is already learning about generosity, self-sacrifice, and compassion for others....more>

Family Finance

Energy Cost and Saving Opportunities

Along with a mortgage and taxes, another common ongoing expense tied to owning a home is the cost of energy heating, cooling and electrical power....more>

Game and Fish

As hunting seasons approach it is important for all of us, hunters, anglers and those who simply enjoy being in the outdoors, to remember that each of us is judged by our own actions as well as those of others....more>

Leagally Speaking

Sharring the Road with 18- Wheelers

Wyoming residents are more likely to travel in the summertime when the roads are clear and dry, and the daylight lasts longer....more>

Safety Pro

Your Home: The Deaf Chamber

Hearing loss is the most widespread disorder in the U.S. today, affecting more than 28 million people....more>
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