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Cool Kid

Madison Orcutt

Madison (Maddie) Orcutt isn't waiting until she's grown up to be what she wants to be when she grows up....more>

Family Finances

Taking a Measure of Today's Economy

We know that our economy is struggling, but how does it compare to recessions of the past? A number of economists, politicians and journalists have told us that this is the worst environment since the Great Depression that began in 1929....more>

To Your Health

Chasing the Brass Ring

A few weeks ago I awakened early and decided after spending some time reading that I would turn on the TV and atrophy some brain cells....more>

Lawn and Garden

Spring Gardening in Wyoming

I can't believe that it's already the middle of May, and it is almost time to start planting outside....more>
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Business Spotlight


Are you someone who loves to squeeze every nano-second of fun into our wonderful, but dang-it too-short, summers? And do you have dwelling within you, side-by-side with that summer fun fanatic, a persnickety, not-even-one-tiny-weed-allowed lawn aficionado? How do you reconcile your two diametrically opposed selves? Easy....more>

Casper Critters

Tips for Adopting and Living with a New Pet

by Gayle Irwin Most of us know that warm, fuzzy feeling of seeing a puppy or kitten at play. Pet lovers all know that tug at our heartstrings when we visit a Humane Society or animal shelter and see the numerous animals looking at us through their cages or designated rooms....more>

Safty Pro

Protecting Your Children at Home

Got kids? If so, you probably will (or have) asked: "When is it safe to leave my child home alone?" Unlike the movie, "Home Alone," most of our 8-year-olds won't be able to defend themselves in an otherwise empty house....more>

Gentle Virtues

Weighing Our Words

Unlikely things cn be weighed. In 1860 some chemists met and gave atomic weights to hydrogen, oxygen and other elements....more>
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Cover Family

The Charlotte Roberts Family

Adorable. Bright. Talkative. The Roberts' girls. Violet (10) and Denise (8). We are sitting at the Roberts' round kitchen table....more>

If These Walls Could Talk

What is a Window Treatment?

The term "window treatment" usually refers to a functional or decorative covering hung over the window's glass like curtains or draperies....more>

Game and Fish


CHEYENNNE - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has announced dates for the sale of issue-after limited quota big game licenses for the 2009 hunting season....more>

Mariage and Family

Steps Toward Forgivness

In the past few articles we have been focusing on the concept of forgiving. We have attempted to define forgiveness, argue the necessity for forgiveness and now will discuss some steps to work towards forgiveness....more>

Legally Speaking

Be Alert for Medical Errors

Rarely a year passes without the announcement of some new wonder drug to treat another disease. While more and better drugs are usually considered a good thing, the increase in the number of drugs available and in the number of drugs the average person takes has led to an explosion in the number of errors made in prescriptions....more>
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