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Cover Family

Joe and Cheri Corbett Family

The Corbett kids, Cameron (a college senior), Kayleigh (a college junior), and Kyree (a high school junior) all grew up going to Kids Works....more>


Defining Forgiveness

Last issue, I spent some time discussing trust and how difficult it can be to repair once broken. Tying this into our analogy of a concrete foundation, trust acts as the sand which fills in smaller voids and strengthens the structure....more>


Saftey: Preparing for the Worst!

This is not a "gloom and doom" article. Rather, it offers tips for expecting, planning for, and getting through emergencies while protecting yourself and your family....more>
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Outstanding Educator

Casper Children's Theatre

This particular Saturday morning the 4- and 5-year olds are rehearsing for "Froggie Went a-Courtin'" at Casper Children's Theatre....more>

Gentle Virtues


In 1855 aluminum was more valuable than silver. Selling at $115 per pound, only French emperor Napolean III and other wealthy people could afford aluminum spoons....more>

Music to My Ears

North Mississippi Allstars "Do It Like We Used To Do"The Derek Trucks Band "Already Free"

Okay. You all know me by now. I'm predictable. I'm unoriginal. I know. But you know what else? I'm right, and I know good music when I hear it....more>
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Cool Kid

The Garbutts

Meet Caleb, Kassidi, Benjamin and Daniel, the children of Jim and Nancy Jo Garbutt. They are kind-hearted, "cool kids" who are making a difference in their family and in our community....more>

To Your Health

Splenda of an Idea

Hi there, I hope you don't mind my title for this month's article. I have been asked many questions concerning the topic of sweeteners....more>

Lawn and Garden

Starting Seeds Early

It's hard to believe that it is already March and another spring is just around the corner. Every year around this time, in addition to planting the crops for the greenhouse, I start thinking about what I want to plant at home....more>
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Business Spotlight

Wyoming Athletic Club

Tennis pro Dale Nurnbirg came to the Wyoming Athletic Club's eastside location from Bismarck, North Dakota because he was enticed by the challenge to grow Casper folks' participation in tennis as successfully as he'd grown it in Bismarck where, when he left there after six years, tennis-court bookings had grown from 5,300 hours to 8,000 hours....more>

Game and Fish


There are many opportunities in Wyoming to share the love of the outdoors with those eager to learn about wild animals and wild places, but few are as rewarding as mentoring a new generation of hunters....more>

Family Finance

How your portfolio fits into the big picture

The challenging investment environment of 2008 taught many of us a painful but valuable lesson it pays to know where you invest your money and whether that strategy is suitable for your circumstances....more>

Legally Speaking


More than 450,000 Americans live with a spinal cord injury. Statistically, young males are more likely to suffer such an injury....more>
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