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Cover Family

The Sam and Lisa Scaling Family

Dr. Sam Scaling remains one of the top providers of women's health care in Casper. His practice includes full gynecological services including surgery, infertility, and in-office visits and procedures....more>

Family Finance

Saving in tough times

When the economy is struggling, we seem to put more thought into our financial decisions. For instance, the importance of saving money for a rainy day is always more apparent when the clouds are rolling in....more>

If these walls could talk

LIGHTING YOUR HOME part IIGeneral Background Light

Last month we began to examine three categories of home lighting. They were general background lighting, local task lighting, and decorative accent lighting....more>
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Business Spotlight

The Platte River Fly Shop

Now that spring is gently nudging at our backs, does it make you want to kick back and do a little fly fishing on the river? And maybe you're thinking it sure would be nice if you had someone along who knows the river well enough to take you right to where the big ones are biting....more>

Home and garden

Geting ready for Spring!

Finally, after another long winter here in Wyoming, it looks like spring is almost here. Now is the time to begin preparing our homes, and gardens for the growing season....more>

Music to your ears

Airbourne Runnin' Wild

Nostalgia is a funny thing. You've probably heard the phrase, "The older I get, the better I was." This is certainly true in my case, and I believe it would be accurate to expand that notion by saying, "The older I get, the better it was....more>
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Cool Kids

Jordan Lopez

I had heard rumor that 12-year-old Jordan Lopez has a really great sense of humor. It didn't take long to discover the rumors are true....more>
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Gentle Virtues

Slowing Down

A fox stuck in a well entices a thirsty goat to join him and it does. The fox then climbs onto the goat's back and goes free, leaving the goat in the well and leaving us with the moral: 'Look before you leap....more>
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Spring is in the Air, So are Allergic Reactions

Spring is a great time of the year. Everyone focuses on warmer temperatures for outdoor activities, including yard work to create new life in gardens, planting shrubs and grass, throwing down fertilizer and pesticides, etc....more>
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Outstanding Educator

Heather Belden

Heather Belden, a teacher at Paradise Valley Christian School, is animated as she stands before her first graders....more>

Legally Speaking

When is it Time to Retain an Injury Attorney?

You've just been in an accident, and now you are talking with the insurance company. You believe you may be able to solve this without lawyers....more>
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To your health

Did you know?

Howdy!! I hope you have enjoyed your "get up and go" exercises. I also hope many of you are continuing to do them and hopefully you added to them....more>
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Marraige and Family

From a Pastor's Heart...Fatherhood

I have been on an adventure lately and I want you to join me. This adventure has been one of discovery....more>
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