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Business Spotlight

Fantastic Sams

A funny thing happened to Tammy Stenhaug on the way to a college degree. It's called life. Tammy tells me, "I was going to college and I realized I needed to get a job" to earn her way the rest of the way through....more>

Game & Fish

Game and Fish challenges all to "spot these species"

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is hoping Wyoming's citizens will look high and low this winter to help locate some special wildlife as part of the Species of the Season Challenge....more>

Legally Speaking

Facts you need to know about auto insurance

You are driving down the street, and through no fault of your own, you get hit by another vehicle. You have been in an accident....more>

Legally Speaking

Facts you need to know about auto insurance Part Two

4) You may have medical coverage on your auto policy. As explained in Part One, Wyoming law requires all drivers to carry liability insurance....more>

Legally Speaking

Facts You Need to Know About Auto Insurance, Part 3

8) Stay on top of the "we will work with you" approach to handling your claim. Not all insurance companies are out to do you wrong....more>

To your health

Morning Stretching

Howdy! Well it's time again for another adventure in "Get Your Body Out of Bed"! I hope those initial stretches are helping and please try not to overdo them....more>

Gentle Virtues


The word guard can be found in quite a few words: guarding, guarded, unguarded, guard-boat and...Right Guard! Let's look at the word guardianship....more>

Cover Family

The Cory and Renee Sterling Family

Fresh and rosy-cheeked from their adventures in the snow, the Sterling children join their parents and me in their family SUV where we sat visiting while the kids played....more>
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Business Spotlight

The Brake Stop

Vanishing are the days when auto shops could repair everything. Vehicles are becoming too complex. Knowing how to diagnose and repair every single thing on every single vehicle is nearly impossible these days....more>

If these walls could talk

The dining room as the favorite family gathering place

Twenty years ago we thought of family sit-down meals as an everyday occurrence. Now, over half of the average household food budget is spent eating out....more>
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Cool Kids

Talon Herron

Talon Herron is a busy, five-year-old boy. The Prince of Peace Preschool student met me at the door and led me into the living room to meet his cats....more>


Bringing the Fresh Outdoors Indoors

Lately I've been noticing that there must be just about as many ads for air fresheners on TV, as there are odors that they claim to cover up, or even better, eliminate....more>

Music to your ears...

Drive By Truckers Brighter Than Creation's Dark Shooter Jennings The Wolf

Drive By Truckers are the best band in the world. I could end this review now. Or I could help you waste some time by expounding on my outlandish, brash proclamation....more>
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Outstanding Educator

Dr. Kent Thompson

Kent Thompson, Ed.D., principal of Manor Heights Elementary, loves his job, loves his school, and loves the kids....more>


Matters of the Heart

Valentine's Day chocolate, cards, chocolate, flowers, chocolate, love, chocolate, kisses, chocolate, gifts, chocolate....more>

Marraige Initiative

God's Plan for Marriage

One of the joys of being a pastor is sharing the journey of faith with couples preparing for marriage....more>


Casper Named Top Ten Town

Casper was recently named one of the Top Ten True Western Towns of 2008 by True West Magazine. The honor was given to Casper for its "important contribution to preserving its past," according to the editors at True West Magazine....more>
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