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Cover Family

The Tyson and Jamie Dennis Family

There's the battle front. There's the home front. The Dennis family is familiar with both. Like families across America and families right here in our town, the Dennis' are serving our country during this war on terrorism....more>

Gentle Virtues


On the Olympic Peninsula, west of Tacoma, Washington, Randy Watts parks his motorcycle above the beach and looks for a place to camp....more>
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Hometown Heroes

Edward E. Roy

Edward E. Roy was not even out of his teens when he fought in the battle of Iwo Jima in 1945. The battle raged day and night from February 19 to March 25....more>

If these walls could talk

Lighting Your Home Part 5 -- Your Questions Answered

What is the best way to light artwork? If you have a wall full of various two dimensional art--- paintings, photos, prints, tapestries or other items that are mostly flat, and hung on the wall, the easiest form of illumination can be provided by several wall-washer, spotlight fixtures, on a ceiling mounted track....more>
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Cool Kids

Mariah Parks

Three-year old Mariah Parks pulled her pink princess lounge chair up and settled in for a visit. Just before she sat down, I asked her which of the princesses on her chair was her favorite....more>

Legally Speaking

13 Things to Know After an Accident, Part 3

9) Are there some legal issues which require a lawyer? There are some areas that need the direct attention of an attorney....more>
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Game and Fish

Wyoming Record Fish

CASPER— With the warmer weather of June, fishing activity is on the rise, and with that increased activity there will be numerous anglers that will be catching large fish some that may qualify for a new state record....more>

Lawn and Garden

Wise Watering

Summer seemed to come a little late this year in Casper, but now I think it is trying to make up for lost time because it has been very hot lately....more>
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Business Spotlight

Donells Candies

It smells so good when I walk into Donells Candies in the Atrium Plaza. The aroma invites me in. The displays draw me farther in....more>

Family Finance

Keep your finances on track with a mid-year review

It's hard to believe that tax season has come and gone and we're almost halfway through the year. With April 15 still fresh in your mind, take the time now to perform a quick mid-year financial review....more>

Music to your ears

Kelly Richey Carry the Light / Walter Trout The Outsider

If you read this column regularly, you know that I usually try to highlight a couple of different albums that fall within the same genre of music....more>


Danger! Aerosols on Board!

Hair spray, lubricants, solvents, window cleaners, bug sprays and other aerosols are often kept in vehicles year round....more>
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