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A Father's Heart

At the Kitchen Table with Dad

Recently, as we sat at the kitchen table, I asked my dad to tell me some of the things he'd learned along his journey as a father, grandfather, and great grandfather....more>

If these walls could talk

LIGHTING YOUR HOME PART 4Decorative Accent Lighting

My last two articles explained background and task lighting. Background and task lights are necessary to make a home safe and functional....more>

To your health

Reading and Applying

I have been slacking off on my reading health articles for awhile and decided to observe a few things that I had noticed in the last few weeks....more>
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Outstanding Educator

Michelle England

To Michelle England, it seems presumptuous to be profiled as an Outstanding Educator. gI don't think of myself as a teacher,h she tells me as we sit in her living room....more>

Gentle Virtues

Safe and Secure

My ride arrives to take me to our friend's out-of-town wedding. My dad follows me out the door and inspects the tires on my friend's car....more>

Lawn and Garden

Preventive Maintenance for your Plants

Wow, this spring was a wet one. I have lived in Casper all my life, and I cant remember ever having a late spring that provided us with so much water, over such a long period of time....more>
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Cover Family

The Marty Stover Family

Marty Stover, owner and operator of the family business, The Brake Stop, is the single father of five sons....more>


Grilling or Killing?

What comes to mind when thinking about "cooking on the barbie?" For the real "grillers," the debate over charcoal or gas continues even today....more>

Legally Speaking

13 Things to Know After an Accident: Part 2

5) How much money is my case worth? There is no easy answer. After twenty years in this field, we have developed a pretty good sense of the value of cases based on the injuries....more>
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Business Spotlight

Total Elegance Boutique

Okay, so I'm walking into Total Elegance Boutique on a mission to interview owner/operator Jackie Faught....more>

Family Finance

Unpack the value of travel insurance

Everyone hopes their trip of a lifetime doesn't turn into a disaster, but life has a way of throwing curveballs....more>
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From a Father's Heart

Things I learned along the way..

OUR TOWN CASPER is fortunate to have some wonderful dads as contributing writers. In honor of Father's Day, we asked them to share the following nuggets of wisdom: Chris Crossen: "Every night when I tuck my children into bed, after they say their prayers, 'I tell them I'm thankful to God that I have you....more>
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Cool Kids

Bailey Anderson

Eight-year old Bailey Anderson is mommy to a white toy poodle named Sugar Plum, a cat named Sarah, and 47 Webkinz®....more>
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Music to my ears

TRUE Music to my ears

I love writing this column because I love music, and I love to help others find good music to listen to....more>

Game & Fish

Watershed Health

Healthy watersheds are the key component of wildlife habitat. Unfortunately, many watersheds throughout the West are not as healthy as they could be and, as a result, habitat quality is diminished....more>
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