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Cool Kids

The Howe Family

So, in a family of eight children, how does one narrow it down for an interview? Eliminate the ones who can't talk and go from there! Rebecca, Clayton, Ian, Elisabeth, Lydia and Benjamin are the cool older siblings of Gideon and Timothy and the children of Cody and Samantha Howe....more>

Lawn and Garden

Planting Early

Finally after a lot of seemingly false starts earlier this year, it looks like the spring gardening season has arrived, so its time to dust off your hoes, shovels, and rakes, and get ready for another beautiful Wyoming summer....more>

Family Finance

Tax refundsSaving strategies to help avoid the 'spring tax spending spree'

This is the time of year when many taxpayers rejoice. Those are the ones who have just received or are about to receive a refund check from the IRS....more>
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Cover Family

Four Generations of Neithammer Women

I watch as they gather around the wingback chair in front of the fireplace, these Neithammer women. Beautiful and poised, matriarch Jean Marie sits in the chair....more>

Legally Speaking

13 things to know after an accident: Part 1

We all live thinking, "It will never happen to me", or at least hoping it will never happen. But if you end up in an auto accident, you may face a whole new set of questions that you have never dealt with before....more>
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Hometown Heroes

Tom Walsh

Vietnam-era vet and POW/MIA searcher Tom Walsh says, "I think the good Lord taps each of us on the shoulder and tells us something he wants us to do....more>

Marraige and Family

Do Employees' Marriages, Families, and Relationships Affect their Work?

As an employer in Wyoming, we know that you struggle to find (and keep) good employees. You know the ones: hardworking, dedicated, who rarely call in sick and do not typically cause problems in the workplace that can and do affect company morale....more>

Music to your ears

The SteelDrivers

As with many genres of music, Bluegrass as an archetype has become canonized. In other words, when it comes to listening to bluegrass music, there are attendant expectations....more>
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Outstanding Educator

Mark and MaryAnn Pettit

The husband and wife team of Mark and MaryAnn Pettit are sitting among a small group of teens in the cafeteria at Frontier Middle School....more>

Gentle Virtues

Softness with Strength

My mom is my dear friend. She is a woman of virtue. My mom is a beautiful blend of softness and strength....more>
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Business Spotlight

Stalkup's RV Superstore

So, are you and your family planning a road trip this summer? Maybe to the Park, or the Tower, or the Hills? (Hey! Yet another simple joy of being a Wyomingite....more>


Protecting yourself from your garden

I am green-thumb challenged. I can grow many things, but it's generally not food. Not that I haven't tried, but I find it much easier to buy it than to grow it....more>

To Your Health

Importance of Detoxification

Recently, advertising has increased by different salons, spas and health clinics for detoxification....more>

If these walls could talk

LIGHTING YOUR HOME Part Three: Local Task Lighting

Last month, I described how to provide the various rooms of your home with general background light....more>
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