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Extreme Truck Outfitters Offers Customers Large Variety of Products

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07/01/2012 - By Gayle Irwin

Truck owners who are looking for products to enhance their vehicle will find a menagerie of items at Extreme Truck Outfitters.

"We offer a full line of truck accessories; we have anything you can imagine," said Ken Olson, owner.

Those accessories include custom-made toppers, grill guards, bug shields, seat covers and spray-in liners. Countless other items can also be equipped for one's truck. Customers can order from a 1,000-page catalog and they don't have to wait long to receive their order.

"We can practically get anything overnight," he said. "We get a truck in about three times a week."

"The product catalog is available to customers who want one," he added. They can take the catalog home, peruse it, then come in and order what they want.

Among the products are the Extreme spray-on bedliners. Phil Smith, manager of Extreme Truck Outfitters, said this type of spay-on bed liner lasts about 10 years without fading. It is a hard, course product that withstands heat and other weather extremes. It's made of 100% polyurea, a tough and durable coating that is sprayed on hot in order to better resist dings, scratches and gouges. It's also slip resistant and pretty much maintenance free.

Extreme Liners form a thick, shock-absorbing layer on the truck's bed which reduces sound and vibration, eliminating rattles and other noises that drop-in bed liners often experience. This type of liner is also good for commercial and industrial use, such as flat bed trucks, farm and ranch equipment, and oil field equipment.

Olson, who also owns Olson Auto Body and Collision, said the businesses are family-owned. An auto body and collision shop is also located in Riverton.

"It's a family business," he said.

They have owned Extreme Truck Outfitters for about two years, but the business has operated in Casper for nearly 12 years. When the previous owner decided to sell, Olson believed the business would compliment the auto body business and the decision was made to purchase Extreme Truck Outfitters. Later this summer another expansion is planned to include Rhino Linings; Rhino Lining of Casper will open in the former True Value Hardware building on CY Avenue. Olson foresees hiring about four people for the Rhino Lining operation. Four employees also work at Extreme Truck Outfitters.

Olson believes the success he's experienced and the reason the family business can be expanded to incorporate the truck accessories is due to the positive economy of Casper. He also credits the strong customer support. "We've been pretty fortunate in Casper with regard to the economy, and we have a real good clientele," he said.

Extreme Truck Outfitters is located at 1700 East Yellowstone Highway and is open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. For more information on the business and how the crew can best equip and outfit your truck, call 265-4111.

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