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David and Sheryl Iszler Sharing Love and Fun as a Blended Family

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06/01/2012 - By Gayle M. Irwin

Blending two families is not always an easy task and having children with the same first names and ages can present complications as well. But David and Sheryl Iszler and their girls Taylor Hegglund (15), Taylor Iszler (15) and Shawn Iszler (12) tackle these challenges with love, laughter, connection and sharing.

As parents of teens, David and Sheryl understand the importance of being available for their kids and encouraging them. His girls are avid swimmers; Taylor participated on the Kelly Walsh Swim Team. Sheryl's daughter, Taylor H., is academically and artistically inclined; she helps special needs kids and participates in advanced placement classes at Natrona County High School. Their family also consists of an "ancient dog", Sheryl said, an 18-year-old Cocker Spaniel/Golden Retriever mix named Sadie.

In addition to encouraging their kids in the fields they enjoy, the couple shares travel experiences with their girls. The family camps, hikes and fishes at various places in Wyoming and the region, and they also travel around and outside the country every few years.

"We try to engrain in them memories, experiences, not stuff," David said.

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One such experience was traveling to the Cayman Islands and snorkeling with manatees. Those types of experiences bind David and Sheryl as well they both enjoy scuba diving and one of their favorite spots is Cozumel.

The couple celebrates four years of marriage this July, and a trip to the Oregon Coast with their daughters is planned. They married at Cannon Beach in Oregon and they plan to return to that sight for their anniversary.

David and Sheryl met about eight years ago, "on Valentine's Day," Sheryl said. They lost touch but reconnected during a time they were each going through somewhat difficult situations.

"We fell in love helping each other through personal issues," she said.

She was born and raised in Casper; David is from North Dakota and relocated here 18 years ago for work. He started out working at Casper Family Chiropractic and eventually bought the practice. Today, the couple works together in the business: he serves as the chiropractor and she manages the weight-loss program at the clinic, allowing her to put her skills as a social worker into practice. Sheryl earned a master's degree in social work and spent many years in the Natrona County School District as a social worker.

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Although some couples may have a difficult time working together in a family business, Sheryl and David enjoy sharing this aspect of their lives.

"We love working together we compliment each other," Sheryl stated. "We make a really good team."

"I get to work with my best friend," David said.

"Working together helps us be more flexible with regard to family, especially our kids," Sheryl added.

Spending time as a family is important to David and Sheryl, and during the holiday season they not only gather together as a family, but they also spend time together helping others in the community. Each daughter chooses a group to assist; some that have benefited from the girls' heart endeavors include the Humane Society and children with special needs.

"Raising teens is difficult today, so focus on things that are outside of themselves," Sheryl said.

"We teach them to pay it forward," David added.

The Iszlers enjoy Casper, raising their children here and having their business in the community. "I like the people," David said of his reason for continuing his practice in town. The outdoor recreational opportunities also rank highly on the family's list of reasons they like Casper. Camping and rafting are part of their summer plans this year.

As they look to celebrate their wedding anniversary next month and take their daughters to that special spot along the Oregon Coast, David and Sheryl plan to continue creating special memories not only between the two of them, but also with their children, sharing love, laughter, and fun along the way.

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