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Eye Care Expands to New Frontiers: Frontier Eye Care

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05/01/2012 - By Gayle Irwin

Eye care specialist Dr. Doug Hodgson has practiced in Casper for more than ten years, but recently he opened a new clinic in the Foothills Professional Offices on East Second Street. His new practice, called Frontier Eye Care, offers state-of-the-art services.

"We chose the name 'Frontier' because frontier is something new and exciting, and we are working in a new frontier technologically," he says.

For example, the doctor and his staff use equipment that digitally measures a patient's current glasses as well as what the patient's prescription should be. The data is sent to a computer-aided refraction system to refine the prescription. "This is a more efficient and precise system and that means our patients will have the best possible vision," he says.

"We have the latest, state-of-the-art technology, and that includes utilizing the newest technology for eyeglass lenses," he adds, "We offer a prescription accuracy guarantee as well as a two-year warranty on frames and lenses. We're confident that patients will have the most comfortable, clearest vision possible. If they don't for some reason, we will address any concerns they have and make it right."

Patients can choose from 600 frames for their eyewear, and the latest designs are available for men, women, teens and children.

Dr. Hodgson and his staff use the most advanced diagnostic equipment available, not only in vision assessment but also in eye health evaluation. Even testing for glaucoma has improved. Instead of the "puff" method, shooting air into a patient's eyes, a new instrument measures the pressure of a patient's eyes without the noise and puff sensation, which often startles patients.

Eye health is important, and new pathways of keeping a patient's eyes healthy help both doctor and patient. Another frontier in eye health evaluation involves testing for macular degeneration and diabetic eye problems. A new instrument called optical coherence tomography, or OCT, takes a three-dimensional digital image of a patient's retina, similar to a MRI or ultrasound, and that helps find problems more quickly.

"We're seeing things we wouldn't be able to see otherwise and catching problems earlier than we would have before," says Hodgson. "Prognosis is always better when we can detect a problem early."

The new technology also tests for early damage from glaucoma and "takes a lot of guesswork out of the diagnosis," he adds.

Dr. Hodgson is joined by John Heimann, a Board certified optician, Jen Ford, optician and front office coordinator, and Ikeea Montgomery, the clinic coordinator. Together, the doctor and his staff possess nearly 30 years of experience in eye care.

In addition to glasses and eye health, Frontier Eye Care offers exams and fittings for contact lenses and also provides consultation for those interested in Lasik surgery. The clinic is currently welcoming new patients. To schedule an appointment, call 472-2020.

Frontier Eye Care is located at 5880 East Second Street, past the KOHLS store and across the street from Highland Park Community Church. One can find them on the web at www.frontier-eyecare.com and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/FrontierEyeCare.

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