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Caring for Seniors, Caring for the Community: Caring Transitions

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04/01/2012 - By Gayle Irwin

"It's not just about a business, it's about honoring and caring for others," Kendra Good says about her company Caring Transitions. "Our service helps to eliminate stress and lift the burden from unexpected life crises such as moving, illness, death, disability, or even divorce," Kendra says.

Kendra and her husband, Ed, own the Wyoming franchise of Caring Transitions, helping others with senior moving, downsizing and estate sales. These are life events which have affected Kendra personally.

"I've experienced most of the same situations that we provide services for," Kendra says. "When my parents passed away, I tackled the job of liquidating their five-bedroom house. This business really connects with what I had to deal with. I understand what it's like emotionally and physically overwhelming."

That understanding helps her not just manage the business but also to empathize with others' feelings, including the feeling of being overwhelmed. Moving at any age can be stressful, and those who have lived in a place for 20 or more years can find the process of downsizing and/or relocating extremely stressful.

Kendra, Ed and their compassionate staff help seniors downsize or move into a senior community or smaller home; they help sort and pack and, if needed, prepare a home to be put on the market and arrange an estate sale. They even help set up a person's new residence.

Recently they assisted a gentleman who moved from his 2,800 square foot house to one of Casper's senior communities.

"He started the process himself, but he soon became overwhelmed," Kendra recalls.

After receiving a call, Kendra and her team set up a floor plan and helped him figure out what would and would not fit in his new residence. They helped him liquidate what would not be moving with him, organized the move with the moving company, and packed up the items for the move. They also unpacked and set up his new place.

"Caring Transitions made sure everything was "home~ready" for him when he walked in the door," she said.

"We are here to provide people and their families with a large number of personal management services that make some of life's transitions more manageable," she says.

The positive relationships created from their work is an important aspect of the services provided.

"The folks we help," Kendra says. "in many cases have become our closest friends."

Caring Transitions began nationally in 2006. The Goods attended training at the company's national headquarters in Ohio when they first decided to become a Caring Transitions franchise. They are CRTS (Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist) certified and participate in on-going training in order to best serve their clients.

The Goods are entering their third year of operation, and they have worked not only with individuals and families, but also with many professionals. Kendra says other partners that rely on Caring Transitions' services are senior housing communities, banks and trust officers, attorneys, real estate professionals, health professionals, social service providers, geriatric care Managers and elder advocates.

"Loved ones and relationships are what's most important," Kendra explains. "You take care of your family, and we take of the stuff."

For more information on Caring Transitions, contact Kendra or Ed at 258-1403 or visit www.caringtransitions.com . The company can also be found on Facebook.

In the Caring Transitions photo with Kendra is Primrose Community resident Ruth Solie and her dog Toby

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