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Around Our Town: Wyoming Medical Center

03/01/2012 - Boost Your Bones

Our bones support us and keep us on the move, and yet we often take them for granted. Because bones naturally weaken as we age, we must fight against osteoporosis to prevent breaks. Here are three steps you can take to help safeguard the health of your bones, according to the National Institutes of Health.


Eat a diet rich in calcium as well as vitamin D, which helps your bones absorb calcium. Consider supplements if you have trouble getting your daily dose—1,000 milligrams for adults between 19 and 49 and 1,200 milligrams for those 50 and older.


In addition to getting your calcium, add weight-bearing workouts to your regimen. They are the best kind of exercise for your bones, and strength training is a great option. You also can walk, jog, climb or hike your way to better bone health.


Once you're getting adequate calcium and exercise, it's time to put your bone density to the test. Because osteoporosis has no observable symptoms (besides breaking a bone), if you believe you could be at risk, ask your doctor about a bone density test.

For more information, please contact Diabetes Care Center at Wyoming Medical Center, 577-2592. Or see your family doctor to determine how much Vitamin D you need.

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What foods provide vitamin D?

•Very few foods naturally have vitamin D. Fortified foods provide most of the vitamin D in American diets.

•Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel are among the best sources.

•Beef liver, cheese, and egg yolks provide small amounts.

•Mushrooms provide some vitamin D. In some mushrooms that are newly available in stores, the vitamin D content is being boosted by exposing these mushrooms to ultraviolet light.

•Almost all of the U.S. milk supply is fortified with 400 IU of vitamin D per quart. But foods made from milk, like cheese and ice cream, are usually not fortified.

•Vitamin D is added to many breakfast cereals and to some brands of orange juice, yogurt, margarine, and soy beverages; check the labels.

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