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Understanding Fishing Regulations At Goldeneye Reservoir

03/01/2012 - CASPER The Wyoming Game and Fish Department wants to help anglers understand ice fishing regulations at Goldeneye Reservoir near Casper.

Goldeneye Reservoir is under the Special Winter Ice Fishing Provision. This provision allows anglers to use up to six (6) lines during the ice-covered period, but only when the angler is fishing through the ice. Otherwise, general creel and possession limits apply at Goldeneye, as well as all other general regulations.

Anglers should be aware that just because Goldeneye is under the Special Winter Ice Fishing Provision, it does not mean live baitfish can be used as bait. In fact, live minnows are prohibited at Goldeneye, but dead minnows may be used as bait at the reservoir. The use or possession of live baitfish is prohibited on all waters including Goldeneye except those listed on pages 22-33 of the 2012-2013 Wyoming Fishing Regulations.

"Anglers need to pay close attention to areas where live baitfish are allowed and where they are prohibited," said Robin Kepple, information specialist for the Casper Game and Fish Office. "The use of live baitfish is a special regulation for a body of water, and the water must specifically be listed in the regulations as allowing live minnows in order for an angler to legally use a live minnow for bait," Kepple said.

Many but not all of the waters with the special winter ice fishing provision have a special regulation allowing live baitfish. "Anglers should not make the mistake of assuming that live baitfish may be used at a body of water just because that water is managed under the special Winter Ice Fishing Provision," Kepple said.

The Game and Fish Department attempted to manage Goldeneye for walleye several years ago. "At that time it was managed under the Special Winter Ice Fishing Provision and live baitfish were allowed," said Al Conder, regional fisheries supervisor in Casper. "However, habitat conditions have changed and today the reservoir is managed as a trout fishery with very few nongame fish present. Game and Fish has kept the Special Winter Ice Fishing Provision in place, but do not want additional nongame fish to be accidentally introduced by anglers using live baitfish."

For more information, please refer to the 2012-2013 Wyoming Fishing Regulations, available wherever fishing licenses are sold, or on the Game and Fish Department web page at http://gf.state.wy.us.

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