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Cool Kid

Daniel Daulby Following the Footsteps of Other Great Leaders

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03/01/2012 - By Gayle Irwin

One Natrona County High School student anticipates two important events this spring: graduation in May and learning if he's been accepted into the Air Force Academy.

Daniel Daulby envisions a career in the Air Force, following in the footsteps of his father. Daniel applied for the Colorado Springs Academy with recommendations from the three Wyoming congressionals. He should learn later this month if his application is approved.

"That's been my goal my whole life," Daniel says, "to be in the Air Force. I really want to fly!"

Daniel has also followed in the footsteps of great leaders such as astronaut Neil Armstrong through his service as an Eagle Scout. Daniel believes scouting "taught me a lot of great leadership skills." Eagle Scouts is the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouts. Other well-known men have been Eagle Scouts, including Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and ????.

Leadership readily describes Daniel. He has participated in varsity track since 9th grade, attended Boys' State and Boys' Nation, and currently serves as student body president.

Daniel's passion to lead and help others is evident as he talks about the school's governing body in assisting Make A Wish Foundation of Wyoming.

"We do a lot of fantastic things, like helping Make a Wish kids," Daniel explains. "We raise $7,000 or more to grant at least one wish. This year was extra special because we were able to fulfill the wish of a fellow student to go to Las Vegas and bowl with a pro bowler. That was really meaningful," he says.

Daniel also participates in the vocal jazz choir and was the lead in last year's musical "White Christmas".

"I'm a very busy person," Daniel says with a laugh.

His ambition, his leadership skills, and his compassion for others all stem from one primary source: his relationship with Jesus Christ.

"It all comes from Christ," Daniel says. "I've been a Christian all my life. Leadership comes naturally; I just try to use the gifts God has given me and show His love people see the love of Christ in me."

Daniel attends Highland Park Community Church, and he is one of three leaders of a Bible study at his school. The group, which started in December, meets once a week during lunch and shares devotionals and Scripture. His fellow study leaders are also seniors.

"We're spreading the truth and love of Jesus Christ at N.C.," he says. "I'm hoping we're getting a nice tradition started at the school."

Graduation is May 21st. Afterwards, Daniel intends to spend two weeks in Hawaii with his grandfather and a few weeks back in Wyoming with other family and friends. If he is accepted into the Air Force Academy, he will leave Casper in late June to attend basic training, then cadet training and school. After four years of further education, active duty begins.

"There are so many things you can do in the Air Force," Daniel explains. "I could be stationed anywhere in the world. I have no limitations to where the military will take me."

"I really want to serve my country," he adds.

Daniel's parents are very proud of their son.

"God is going to do great things through him," mother Susan says.

"Daniel is very coachable, very teachable," his father Miles states. "He soaks up wisdom."

King Solomon of the Old Testament was known as the wisest king who ever lived. In Proverbs 2:6, he writes, "For the LORD gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding."

Daniel acknowledges Who his Leader is and he wisely follows the direction he is given, from athleticism to government to charity to career.

"The honor and successes I may get is all for the glory of God," he says.

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