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Business Spotlight

Creature Comforts Offers Amenities for Pets and Pet Owners

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12/01/2011 - Think Hotel for Dogs remember the movie? A unique, high-quality, overnight offering and doggie-daycare for pampered pooches. A place for "paw-acures", aromatic massages, and engaging activities, such as swimming, even a story hour! That and more is the vision Felicia Sisco has when her new facility opens next year.

Many of those offerings are available currently at Sisco's Creature Comforts location on Third Street, near the Hilltop Shopping Center.

"Dogs have the mentality of a 3-year-old (child), and 3-year-olds need to have things to do," Sisco said. "They need stimulation to be happy and healthy."

Sisco provides grooming services and behavioral modification at Creature Comforts. She offers boarding for her current clients only at this time due to the limited space. However, once the new facility opens next summer, she plans to board more animals.

"There will be rooms, including a fitness room," Sisco said of the new facility. "We will offer massage, and daycare with round the clock supervision and planned activities."

As she researched and planned her new location, "It dawned on me, why can't dogs have as much fun (as humans), so I educated myself," Sisco said. "This is will be a state-of-the-art facility."

With more than 25 years of experience in grooming and training dogs, Sisco uses her knowledge "in different ways" to help owners.

"I teach people how to control (their dogs) using voice. It's all about respect. My motto is, 'I don't change who they are, I make them better.'"

Her current location especially helps animals with special needs through the simple use of large windows and aromatherapies.

"Special needs dogs like coming here," she said. "The natural daylight helps them, and aroma therapies calm them."

Sandy Hamilton, who will serve as her business manager when the new facility opens, currently assists with bathing and bookkeeping. The pair sees 25 to 30 animals a day now and around 45 each day during the summer. Sisco grooms both dogs and cats.

"I love what I do!" she said. "Your creative side comes out, but I most enjoy seeing the joy the animals have when they come to see me."

In addition to caring for pets and their owners, Creature Comforts offers handcrafts for sale. These will carry over to the new location, Sisco said.

Although she hasn't broken ground yet, Sisco hopes to have the new facility operational by June 2012. The business will grow from 1,800 square feet to more just about 10,000 quite a change. When the doors open, what won't change is Sisco's philosophy.

"The animal comes first their mental and physical well-being is our top priority," she said.

Winter hours of 7 am to 5:30 pm are in effect Tuesday through Friday. Saturday, Sunday and Monday open by appointment only. Call 265-4452 for more information.

An Open House is scheduled for Saturday, December 10th, through which people can learn more about not only Creature Comforts, but also about the Central Wyoming Spay and Neuter Foundation, a cause dear to Sisco's heart.

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