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Around Our Town: Wyoming Medical Center

Hospital Earns National Verification for Trauma Care

11/01/2011 - By Shauna VanderLinden

Only a choice group of hospitals meets the strict guidelines required to be a Level II Trauma Center. Wyoming Medical Center (WMC) is proud to announce it is now among that select group. The American College of Surgeons has confirmed the hospital's commitment to quality, comprehensive trauma care, and has named the hospital as a Level II Trauma Center. Wyoming Medical Center and Cheyenne Regional Hospital are the only two hospitals in the state to receive this verification. This is in addition to the state health department's designation of WMC as a Regional Trauma Center.

"Trauma cases are often complicated requiring close collaboration and communication among many specialties to achieve best outcomes," said Jennifer Zettl, RN, BAN, CCRN, WMC Trauma Program Coordinator. "With this stamp of approval, our patients can be assured that they will receive the highest level of trauma care in this region."

Over the course of a year, the Emergency Department at Wyoming Medical Center treats nearly 5,000 trauma patients out of the 34,000 total emergency room patients. As a Level II Trauma Center, injured patients can expect access to quality care and treatment from an extensive range of specialists including trauma/general surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, emergency medicine, anesthesia, and radiology. In addition, every nurse in the emergency room and intensive care unit carries a trauma nurse certification, meaning they are trained in the latest care and treatment of injured patients. Our EMS team is equipped with the technology, tools, and training to provide instrumental pre-hospital care both on the ground through our ambulance service and in the air through Wyoming Life Flight.

"Receiving Level II verification comes from many years of hard work and commitment on the part of physicians, nurses and the whole spectrum of the care team," said Dr. Mary MacGuire, WMC Trauma Medical Director. "It means taking a close look at systems and practices and making changes to provide the top-quality care our patients expect and deserve."

Wyoming Medical Center's Trauma Program is led by Dr. Mary MacGuire, trauma/general surgeon. Dr. James Anderson, trauma/general surgeon, is the Chair of the State Committee on Trauma and has been key in guiding Wyoming Medical Center toward this verification.

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