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Business Spotlight

Dr. Jessica Cassity

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11/01/2011 - By Gayle Irwin

Taking the fear out of visiting the dentist is a goal of Dr. Jessica Cassity, DDS. Her plan to relocate her practice to a downtown setting in the next few months moves that goal forward.

"We're going for that dental spa atmosphere," she said. "We looking at ways to make the atmosphere as comfortable as possible. We want it to be calm and soothing, not feeling like a clinic."

Many people are fearful, or at least uncomfortable, going to the dentist. "Some people pass that fear on to their children," she said.

"I want to break that cycle," said Dr. Cassity. "I see a lot of children I want them to grow up with good (dental) experiences. I can shape people's ideas about dentistry. We try to keep things light (at our clinic), even tell a few jokes, so that people have a good experience."

The move from 102 North Kenwood near the hospital to 535 South Center, across from the Cheese Barrel, should take place by the end of this year, she added.

Dr. Cassity grew up in Casper; she is the daughter of Casper College biology instructor Tom Clifford. As a youngster, her interests included science and art. That combination led her to dental school.

"I think of dentistry as an art," she said. "Dentistry can change a person's outlook on life."

After attending Casper College and the UW-CC Outreach Center, she attended dental school in Lincoln, Nebraska. She returned to Casper in 2004 and worked as an associate for a year before opening her own practice.

"We practice family dentistry," Dr. Cassity noted about her practice. "We try to meet as many needs in the community as possible."

Assisting Dr. Cassity are three hygienists, two assistants, and a front office person. The clinic is open Monday through Thursday, 7 am to 5 pm, and on Friday from 9 am to 1 pm. Dr. Cassity said she expects to keep similar hours after relocating.

From children to adults, from cosmetic dentistry to the newly added Invisalign procedure, Dr. Cassity maintains an evolving practice. She attends trainings and educational conferences, such as a recent Invisalign program in Denver, to keep up with changes and advances in her profession.

Outside the office, Dr. Cassity is wife to Travis and mother to Cody (12), Ella (7) and Blaze (2). Her husband helps her with the business, including the upcoming move, as well as at home while maintaining his own advertising business.

Dr. Cassity said she is looking forward to relocating her office. She grew up three blocks from where the new clinic will be; her parents still live in that home. She also attended Park Elementary School.

"I feel like it's my neighborhood," she said.

The full slate of glass windows that look out onto Center Street "feel like being in the heart of downtown," she added.

"I'm looking forward to being downtown," she said.

New patients are always welcome, she added. To schedule an appointment, call 234-3100.

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