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If These Walls Could Talk

Welcoming Autumm

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10/01/2011 - Autumn calls us to attention. The brilliant hued foliage and chill nights stir us to wakefulness after the last languid days of summer have passed. Autumn is the time for preparation. The migrating birds are headed south. The squirrels and chipmunks are building their cache of food for winter. The deer are trading their red-gold summer coats for ones of dull thick brown. They know.

We know too. It's time to have the car serviced, time to have the sprinkler system blown out, time to put up the weather-stripping--- time to prepare for the coming storm of winter.

It's also a time to celebrate the comfort and graces of home. It's a time to gather in for the upcoming season of fellowship or solitude, of rest and the pursuit of quiet projects. We want to feather our nests, because winter will be the season when our homes are a haven.

Gather a fall bouquet. Choose leaves, berries, seedpods and cattails. A saunter by the river in Morad Park, or a walk on Casper Mountain will provide a fine harvest. Arrange the plants in a waterless vase or pot to dry. Add some Eucalyptus from the craft store for extra fragrance.

Fresh growing things also add a breath of life to a winter home. Dig up and pot a few garden Geraniums, Pansies, or other flowering plants to bring indoors.

This is the perfect time to start a windowsill herb garden. Whether started from seeds or seedlings bought at the nursery, an herb garden springs up rapidly. The scent and freshness of the herbs inspire savory stews and lush baking.

If you've never made jams, jellies or preserves, this may be the year to give it a try. In autumn the grocery stores stock all the necessary supplies for canning. If you don't have grandma's recipes close at hand, there are plenty on-line and at the library.

As for home decorating, think comfort. Invest in cushions and throws. Suede, fleece, velvet, fur, and down speak warmth and indulgence. Candles and simmering potpourris fill the atmosphere in a subtly engulfing richness. Music, movies, books, art, games and crafts add emotional and intellectual expansion to the winter home.

Shop for a few extravagances. The Nicolaysen's winter art show and sale comes in early November. Several churches and charities host craft fairs In October and November also. Handcrafted, one of a kind, labor of love objects from the hands of the artisans that create for these events are certain to add a touch of warmth and humanity to your winter home.

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