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Poet's Corner

10/01/2011 - Friends

By Juliane Woodward

Friends are like flowers,

they improve the air we breathe.

Friends are like teddy bears,

they sympathize when we grieve.

Friends are like animals,

they love us though we're not perfect.

Friends are love,

to them there's no reject.

Friends are like pockets,

you can never have too many of them.

All friends are given to us by Him.

Sun-Bleached Prairie

By Tami Watts

The sun-bleached prairie

Beneath the sky

Is looking languished

And notably dry.

Though green Russian thistles

Perk up its fringe

And it's freckled by sagebrush --

Just a tinge,

The priarie withholds

Its showy array,

Saving its splendor

For some other day.

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