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Business Spotlight

DeMarcos - Family Business Dresses the Community

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10/01/2011 - By Gayle Irwin

A business staple in Casper for nearly 30 years, Demarcos provides clothing options for community residents and visitors alike. The store, located in Eastridge Mall, offers men's, young men's, and women's clothing, sportswear and shoes.

"We sell clothing from jeans to suits," said owner and manager Dave Marcovitz.

Demarcos opened in 1982; Eastridge Mall has always been home for the store.

"We're one of the original mall tenants," he said.

Demarcos has been known in Casper for its suits, however, that's not all that's found in the store, Marcovitz said.

"We're a destination for suits," Marcovitz explained, "and we offer good, better, best price points, $20 to $200 jeans, for example. Two-thirds of our store is sportswear, including team jackets. We run the gamut."

Specialty brands are a primary product.

"We have some of the most desirable (clothing) brands, and we have an exclusive on some of those brands," Marcovitz said.

Brand names include Miss Me Jeans, Brighton Jewelry & Leather Accessories, Affliction and Sinful lines, and Tommy Bahama men's and ladies.

Many brands only allow one retailer in a community to carry that particular brand, therefore, Demarcos has the exclusive on many of these name brands, he explained.

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Other brands found in the store include bling belts by Christine Alexander, Ladies Pendelton, and Florsheim and Dr. Martin's shoes.

Operating a retail clothing store is a strong part of Marcovitz's personal heritage, thereby providing a strong backdrop for the store.

"We are fourth generation retailers," he said.

His father co-founded KG Men's Store, opening a store in Billings in 1986. At one time the family owned clothing stores in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Idaho. His father now semi-retired, Marcovitz and his brother manage most of the business operations with stores in Casper and Idaho Falls.

One of the primary reasons he works the family business of clothing retail is meeting and helping people. "Customer service is huge for us," Marcovitz said. "People are why I'm in this business. I get to talk to a lot of nice people every day."

With the national economy in a slump, many retail stores have felt the pinch. Demarcos weathered Casper's mid-1980s economic bust, and Marcovitz doesn't see current economy in Casper as bad as other places in the country seem to be experiencing.

"Things aren't so bad here in Casper economy-wise," he said.

However, he does see a turn-down in spending, and he encourages Casperites that when they spend their dollars, to spend those precious funds with local businesses.

"I like that slogan 'Shop Casper First'," he said. "Wyoming people should support Wyoming businesses. We need to help each other. I do that, when I buy my vehicles, for example."

Keeping dollars in the community helps the community as a whole, he added.

The family business most likely will stay in the family. Marcovitz's daughter, Mackenzie, recently helped her dad in the store for a day, learning more about her business and family heritage.

"She'll be the fifth generation (to work in retail)," he said proudly.

Demarcos is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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