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Gentle Virtues


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08/01/2011 - In a dry part of India, live some wrinkled ants. Furrowed by lines and curves, their black segments appear wrinkled. Near the entrance of their nest, they keep a stockpile of feathers. Each morning they crawl out, gather on the feathers and refresh themselves with dewdrops.

Wrinkled ants are not the only ones that need refreshing, we do too.

When we refresh ourselves, it not only feels good, it does us good!

Every day we experience some kind of stress. Our adrenal glands secrete hormones such as epinephrine and cortisol to help us cope \yith stressful situations. If we do not allow our adrenal glands to rest and replenish, they will not be able to help us adequately rest and get replenished. When our adrenal glands are down, our energy, mental vigor and immune resistance are too. Even our enjoyment of life wanes.

Without daily refreshment, the nervous system struggles to establish balance. It suffers. Without some peace and quiet, our parasympathetic nervous system has a difficult time bringing forth healing. In time, we feel the effects.

Do you feel guilty when you rest? Please don't. Give yourself permission to put up your feet and put aside your cares for awhile. Rest your mind and body. You need some daily refreshment.

The root word for refreshment is "frisk". Sounds lively, doesn't it?

The Danes gave us this word. By definition, it means "to leap, to skip, to dance". By refreshing ourselves, we will feel more alive, maybe even to the point of leaping and skipping and dancing. Just the thought of it is invigorating! Wooh!

Now, we must not leave out its important prefix, reo It means "again".

It gives us the invitation (and instruction) to refresh ourselves repeatedly. By now, I hope you feel a lot less guilty about giving yourself some rest. It shouldn't be a "guilty pleasure", just a pleasure.

Before the sun sets this evening, I encourage you to take at least ten minutes to refresh yourself. Give yourself some "you time". By doing so, you will have more of yourself to give. Your relationships will benefit and so will your health.

If busy ants can find the time to rest, surely we can too. Life is a precious gift. Let's take some time to enjoy it.

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