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Business Spotlight

Care Net Becomes True Care

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08/01/2011 - By Gayle Irwin

photo caption: Casey Gamotis - Advocate Team Leaders; Nurses Rebecca Tharp and Sally Heyer; Terry Winship - CEO.

Recently, Care Net Pregnancy and Resource Clinic of Casper became True Care Women's Resource Center. Although the name changed, the center offers the same caring services for women facing an unplanned pregnancy that it's known for according to CEO Terry Winship.

True Care provides free pregnancy testing, factual information about pregnancy options, ultrasound for patients with positive pregnancy tests, and limited STD (sexually transmitted disease) testing and treatment.

Originally called The Caring Center when the doors opened in 1987, the organization has seen many changes, both in society and in itself.

"In 1987 you couldn't buy a pregnancy test over the counter," Winship said. "By the 1990s, you could, so we had to offer more services."

In 2005, The Caring Center became Care Net Pregnancy and Resource Clinic of Casper. The organization relocated from downtown to the current Poplar Street setting and became a medical clinic, the first pregnancy center in Wyoming to do so.

"In order to be relevant to women, especially the abortion-minded woman, you have to be a medical clinic," she stated.

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Relevancy is a core value at True Care and drives the services offered and the marketing strategies employed. A television ad started this summer, another radio station added and a Facebook ad created. The results have been noteworthy. True Care's target audience, the young woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering abortion as her first option, nearly doubled in 2011 compared with 2010.

"Our goal is to remain relevant to our patients and to the organization's stakeholders," Winship said. "We provide a cutting edge, 15-step patient services system that is very effective. Care Net, as a national organization, was no longer really relevant to what we're doing. We want to focus on the abortion-minded patient and that takes effort, an effort not all pregnancy centers use.

"A woman needs to know if she's pregnant or not, if that pregnancy is viable as well as how far along she is, which we do with ultrasound," Winship continued. "She also needs to know if she has chlamydia or gonorrhea because those two STDs can impact her future fertility. She needs to get that STD cleared up whether she carries to term or not, for the sake of her health, now and in the future."

The clinic has a medical director and the clinic's nurse manager is a registered stenographer in limited obstetrical ultrasound.

"She can oversee the ultrasound training the other nurses do and will do in the future," Winship said. "We are using ultrasound and we're using it effectively."

Additionally, True Care offers a biblically-based abortion recovery program and two incentive-based, long-term on-site programs for its patients. The clinic is also involved in a project to increase community awareness about sexual assaults.

Relevancy and continued growth for the clinic are part of Winship's vision for the organization's future.

"I want to see us remain relevant to patients in the services we offer and the marketing we do, and to continue to provide excellent service by making professional development continually available to our staff," she said. "I also want to make sure the organization is on a strong foundation through our Endowment program."

A special event is set for 7 p.m. October 6, 2011 at the Casper Events Center's Three Trails Room. For more information on this event or on the organization itself, call 473-2273 or log onto www.truecarecasper.org.

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