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Michelle and Tyler Elser: Newlyweds Sharing, Caring and Dreaming

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08/01/2011 - By Gayle Irwin

Newlyweds Michelle and Tyler Elser are riding the waves of happiness many people know as "wedded bliss". But, they aren't just giddy with new love -- they had about four years to discover one another, learn from each other and appreciate similarities and differences.

They met on a blind date, introduced by mutual friends. Both enjoy traveling; each has visited various continents. Their honeymoon was spent in Australia, a country Michelle visited while in high school, but a place Tyler had not yet experienced. Michelle said she and Tyler "hung out with wallabies" in addition to doing "touristy things" in Sydney and Brisbane. They also spent time at a resort on the Whitsunday Islands, taking a boat around the isles and snorkeling. They spent two weeks enjoying the region.

"We wanted to go somewhere cool for our honeymoon, and Tyler has always wanted to go (to Australia)," said Michelle. "I was there in high school with People to People and really liked it. Lots of people go to places like Maui – we decided to go somewhere different. It was beautiful while we were there!"

Visiting various places is part of who they are as individuals as well. Tyler spent time in Antarctica, and Michelle once lived in China, teaching English to children and adults; she's also visited Kenya.

"I'm spontaneous in some things," she said with a smile.

Michelle and Tyler not only enjoy traveling but also spending time at home, being with friends and family. They gather with friends in a book club, reading a different story every month or two.

"I love books!" Michelle exclaimed.

Tyler said he enjoys reading as well.

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"Friends and family are important, and hanging out with our friends is simply the best!" Michelle stated.

Sometimes a meal is shared with those who stop by. She enjoys cooking, but "not cleaning up." Tyler helps her with that.

"Tyler is the most wonderful husband in the whole world!" Michelle said with that newlywed smile and loving look toward her husband.

They both like the outdoors and often go ATVing. She enjoys animals and music. Michelle's tastes in animals stretches beyond the dogs and cats found in most people's homes. She helped raise and care for rabbits, chinchillas and ferrets. But, "I became allergic to animal fur," she said.

So, along came gekos, snakes and then birds. Michelle and her family currently have a cockatiel, two cockatoos, and three parrots. Tyler said he was raised with the more traditional pets: cats and dogs.

"But, I get along with the birds pretty well," he said.

Although the birds currently live with Michelle's parents, they occasionally "visit" the apartment where Michelle and Tyler live.

Michelle's musical gifts don't just stay in the apartment. She sings in the church choir (attending First Christian Church since she was young) and participates in the local Fiddle Club.

Tyler's hobbies include working on cars and trucks, hunting and shooting.

Although they are travelers, the young couple plans to make Casper their home.

"I like the small, but not too small places. Casper is a good sized community," Michelle said. "Plus, I like the clean air. I've been to many places where the air wasn't clean."

Tyler agreed with his bride.

"Casper is just a nice, clean place," he said.

And, it's a great jumping off place when they decide to be spontaneous and hop a plane to somewhere, making more married-couple memories!

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