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Wyoming Medical Center

Shake, Rattle & Roll, A Concussion Discussion

07/01/2011 - By Dr. Rob Hollis

Head injury is a leading cause of death, disability, and lost productivity. Of the nearly two million Americans who sustain a head injury each year, approximately half are considered mild head injuries; of those, most are mild to moderate concussions.

Concussions are under-reported by victims for a variety of reasons such as removal from competition, peer pressure, or cultural beliefs regarding concussion. It is now known that a concussion represents a traumatic brain injury.

Evidence shows that pediatric patients and young athletes are particularly vulnerable to concussions and suffer from the injury longer and with more intense syndrome. Therefore, it is prudent that all sports participants, including athletes, trainers, parents, and medical personnel be educated to the nature, presentation, recognition and management of a concussion. By securing proper knowledge and applying it within a structured protocol for this condition, participants can minimize the occurrence of a concussion as well as mitigate multiple, frequent head injuries which can lead to lasting neurocognitive and emotional turmoil including decreased neurocognitive performance, diminished scholastic output, depression and other mood disorders, the propensity to further concussions, and even dementia. With proper precautions and knowledge of concussion, our young athletes may be able to enjoy their time in sports longer.

Don't miss Wyoming Medical Center's upcoming Health Bites - Shake, Rattle and Roll: A Concussion Discussion with Dr. Rob Hollis, M.D. on Thursday, July 28th, 2011, from noon 1 pm at the Nicolayson Art Museum.

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