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Alcova Walleye Study Will Offer Rewards To Anglers

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07/01/2011 - CASPER As part of a mortality study, Wyoming Game and Fish Department biologists have tagged walleye in Alcova Reservoir with reward tags.

By determining how many walleye are harvested by anglers, biologists can decide whether regulation changes are needed to maintain or improve the quality of walleye fishing. Cooperation by anglers is critical to the success of this study, so Game and Fish is offering a reward to anyone catching a tagged walleye in Alcova during 2011. A tagged walleye will have a blaze orange tag attached just behind the dorsal fin. Each tag will have a phone number on one side and a tag number on the opposite side. If you catch a tagged walleye, you will be eligible for a reward of $5, $10, $20, $50, or $100, depending on the tag.

Anglers catching a tagged walleye are requested to place the tag into a tag return envelope and either drop it into one of the fee boxes located around the lake or return it to the Casper Game and Fish Office. Tag return envelopes will be available at fee booths around Alcova and from Game and Fish personnel. Anglers returning a tag will be mailed a check and receive a letter describing when and where the fish was tagged.

Walleye tags may also be returned by calling (307) 777- 4600 (the phone number printed on the walleye tag) for mailing instructions. Please include the following information with your returned walleye tag: 1) Date walleye was caught; 2) Length of walleye; 3) Whether the walleye was harvested or released alive; and 4) Your name, address, and phone number. It is also important to know that some walleyes will have two tags. If you catch a walleye with two tags, please return both to the Game and Fish.

Once the returned walleye tag(s) are received by Game and Fish personnel, the tag number will be matched to a pre-determined reward and a check for the reward amount will be mailed to the angler within 4 to 6 weeks. We will also return the tag with a letter with information about the tagged walleye.

A similar walleye tagging project at Glendo Reservoir in 2006 resulted in several hundred dollars in rewards paid out to anglers.

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