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Business Spotlight

Quiznos, Yellostone Drug, and Wings'n'Things

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06/01/2011 - By Gayle Irwin

Owning a restaurant can be challenging; imagine owning and managing three at the same time!

Julie and Shawn Jacobs own the Quiznos franchise as well as Casper's Yellowstone Drug and Wings n' Things. All three are located in the same building on CY Avenue.

The restaurant business is not new for Shawn. His father owned Wings n'Things starting when Shawn was 11 years old.

"He has 27 years experience in the restaurant business," Julie said.

The couple was living in Cheyenne in 2001 when they decided to return to Casper and begin their own adventure into the restaurant world. They chose a Quiznos franchise. Shawn attended training in Denver, where the first Quiznos was developed nearly 30 years ago, while Julie packed the family for the move back to their hometown.

"That's all he was ever in (the restaurant business) it came natural to him," Julie said about running a restaurant.

Always thinking of new ideas, Shawn came to Julie one day with the thought of opening a Yellowstone Drug Store in Casper. The owners of the original in Shoshoni agreed to sell the name and recipes to the Jacobs, and in 2004 a new journey began adding the malt shop to their venture.

"Shawn is always coming up with ideas," Julie said. "He's quite the entrepreneur."

In 2007, they bought Shawn's dad's business, Wings n' Things, which had also moved into the building.

Julie says it's not very difficult operating the three businesses, mostly due to the experienced and dedicated help. Several of their employees have been with them for three or more years; two of them have been working for more than five years. All are trained to work all three businesses.

"I have a good, fun crew here," Julie said.

Sometimes the crew includes the Jacobs' children, following their dad's footsteps of working in the family business.

"It's good for them and for their math skills," Julie commented.

Although Quiznos is a franchise, it's not stagnant. New products are brought out occasionally; this month people will notice a southern barbecued pulled pork sandwich, she hinted.

The name recognition of Yellowstone Drug Store and the quality ice cream and syrups served continue to bring customers back. With 50 different flavors of malts and shakes and 100 combinations, Julie said people still enjoy the old standbys: chocolate and strawberry. However, the chocolate/peanut butter combo is also popular, she added.

Quality of product, friendly staff, name recognition, and business longevity give the Jacobs' customers full tummies and pleased palates. So, when that ice cream craving hits this summer, or your belly rumbles for a toasted prime rib sub, or your tongue twitters for New York-style wings, the eateries at 2008 CY Avenue just may hit the spot! The restaurants are open 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday Saturday and 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sunday.

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