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Wyoming Record Fish

06/01/2011 - CHEYENNE—During the coming months, fishing activity will be on the increase and if the rest of 2011 is like the past few months, several more fish will be caught that will qualify as new state records. Already this year, new state records have been set for two species, the splake and white sucker.

Some records are likely untouchable like the 11 pound 4 ounce golden trout caught in 1948, but, a glance at the records shows that half of Wyoming's entries have been caught since 2000.

Over the years there have been numerous reports of anglers catching large fish that for some reason, were never entered into the state record book. Entering a fish for record consideration is quite easy, but there are rules that must be followed.

• The fish must be weighed on a scale certified for legal trade. Scales in post offices or places of commerce are usually all certified. The scale in your tackle box is not. The weighing must be witnessed by two persons other than the applicant.

• Fish caught from private club or fish hatchery waters, or private ponds not accessible for angling to the public, are ineligible.

• Fish must be caught on rod, reel and line or pole and line and hooked (no snagging) with any legal hook or lure.

• The species must be verified by the Game and Fish Department. The identity of most fish is usually obvious, but there are certain species such as lake trout, splake, brook trout, walleye, sauger and some of the sunfish species that could easily be mistaken.

• Fish must be taken during the legal open season of the water where caught.

Other advice is to get the fish officially weighed as quickly as possible. Over the years, several fish have been submitted for record consideration that were not weighed until a number of days after they were caught. A large fish will lose moisture over time and that can add up to enough weight loss that could keep a fish from becoming a new state record.

Fish record entry forms are found on the Game and Fish website http://gf.state.wy.us. Anglers can contact Game and Fish regional offices or Game and Fish headquarters (307) 777-4600 for more information.

The following is a listing of Wyoming's fish records. Wyoming does not keep separate record categories for line class, fly fishing or catch and release. (Contact: Al Langston (307) 777-4540)


Wyoming Fish Records

Species Weight Angler Where Caught Date

Bass, largemouth 7-14 Dustin Shorma Stock pond, Sheridan, Co. 1992 Bass, smallmouth 5.94 Bubba O'Neil Flaming Gorge 2003 Bluegill 1.47 Brad Artery Lake View N. Pond, Platte Co. 1988 Bullhead, black 2.9 Brian Rygwalski Ten Sleep Pond, Washakie Co. 1987 Carp 34-15 Bobby Brown Pilot Butte Reservoir 2005 Carp, grass 25.86 Patrick Fleck Sloans Lake, Laramie Co. 2005 Catfish, channel 27.99 Don Ackerman Flaming Gorge 2005 Catfish, flathead 22.46 Dallas Stanton North Platte River 2004 Chub, Utah 1.73 Dave Franke Flaming Gorge 2010 Crappie, black 2.34 Edward Hausauer Boysen Reservoir 1997 Crappie, white 2.45 Terry Young Glendo Reservoir 2009 Drum, freshwater 11-14 Rich Detry Glendo Reservoir 1993 Gizzard shad 1.20 Tom Durst Glendo Reservoir 2007 Goldeye 1.32 Jim Williams Powder River 1996 Grayling 2.36 Robert Doak Meadow Lake, Sublette Co. 1983 Green sunfish .82 Doug Nixon Lovell Lakes 2006 Ling 19-4 K.E. Moreland Pilot Butte Reservoir 1965 Muskie, tiger 29.37 Frank Rubrecht Grayrocks Reservoir 1992 Perch, yellow 2.2 Mike Miller Mayland Pond, Big Horn Co. 1991 Pike, northern 27-4 Robert Hockett Keyhole Reservoir 2004 Pumpkinseed .62 Anyhony Wendtland Big Horn Pond 2009 River carpsucker 12-10 Garhart Stephenson Boysen Reservoir 2005 Rock bass 1.76 Randy Reece Sheridan County Pond 2007 Salmon, kokanee 6.26 Brian Ekx Flaming Gorge 2009

Sauger 7.5 Tom Durst Boysen Reservoir 2007 Splake 13.6 Shawn Vanwey North Crow Reservoir. 2011 Sturgeon, shovelnose 10-2 Chris Marshall Powder River 2000 Sucker, longnose 2.19 Darrell Meineke Little Goose Creek, Sheridan Co. 1998 Sucker, Utah 8-4 Mike Cullimore Snake River 2003 Sucker, white 4.25 Tom Hunt Big Horn River 2011 Trout, brook 9-11 Max Long Green River Lake 1976 Trout, brown 25-13 George Rose Flaming Gorge 1982 Trout, cutthroat 15-0 Alan Dow Native Lake, Sublette Co. 1959 Trout, golden 11-4 C.S. Reed Cook Lake, Sublette Co. 1948 Trout, lake 50.0 Randy Calkins Flaming Gorge 1995

Trout, Ohrid 14-4 Kim Durfee North Platte River 1986 Trout, rainbow 23-0 Frank Favazzo Burnt Lake, Sublette Co. 1969 Trout, tiger 5.12 Mel Huff High Savery Res., Carbon Co. 2010 Walleye 17.42 Stan Seivewright Boysen Reservoir 1991 Whitefish 4-4 Dennis Jennings Snake River 1977

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