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If These Walls Could Talk

Atmosphere in Home Decorating

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06/01/2011 - What makes a home? What things are truly important? The top three are cleanliness, organization and atmosphere. For a home to be safe and healthful, it needs to be sanitary and clean. To be smoothly operating and intellectually comfortable, it needs to be organized. To embrace one's senses and emotions, a home must have a pleasant atmosphere.

This third ingredient, atmosphere, is the most complex. Atmosphere is defined as "a surrounding or pervasive element or influence". A home has a physical atmosphere that affects and even sometimes creates it's emotional and psychological atmosphere. What are the components that create a home's pervasive elements and influences?

Obvious physical atmospheric influences include air quality, humidity, temperature control, sound control, and light quality. Each of these things also affects the emotional atmosphere of a home. Bad smells, overly wet or overly dry air, oppressive heat or chill temperatures, noise, and harsh or inadequate light can ruin the atmospheric feeling of even the most beautiful home. Sometimes the only thing that needs to be done to make a home more pleasant, is to improve it's physical functioning. Adding ventilation, air conditioning, space heaters, sound absorbing insulation, area lights and window shades can give a home an entirely different emotional atmosphere.

Beyond the physical atmospheric influences, there are also those that are purely spiritual, intellectual, and emotional. Artwork and accessories play the key role in creating this type of atmosphere. Artwork provides a glimpse into the deepest values, interests and feelings of a home's owner. One chooses to live with art for reasons other than need. Art gives a home owner the opportunity to reveal aspects of his soul. Through the choice of art and accessories, one can consciously create emotional atmosphere.

Artwork created by the ones that dwell in a home holds the deepest connection to them. Artwork that portrays family members is also very specific to them alone. Artwork that depicts interests, favorite places, and special events is also a key to one's personality. Artwork chosen when on vacation calls to mind memories of the place it was purchased, even if it is totally unrelated pictorially to the locale. However, even beyond these things, the color, mood, and style of art one chooses are intimately related to the inner person.

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