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Meaning to Address Deer Hunting in Casper Mountain Area

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05/01/2011 - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is planning a public meeting to discuss the future of deer hunt area 67 in the Casper Mountain area. The meeting will be at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 26 at the Casper Game and Fish office, 3030 Energy Lane.

As a remnant of an old state designated big game refuge, deer hunt area 67 has been closed to deer hunting for decades, and remains the only closed area in the state. However, the area is open for hunting elk, pronghorn, turkeys, black bear, mountain lions, upland game birds and other species.

The Game and Fish Department is considering shrinking the boundaries of the closed area, which would open more land to hunting and help reduce problems with nuisance deer in the Garden Creek area and within the City of Casper. Nuisance deer in populated urban areas can destroy landscaping and can attract large predators such as mountain lions. Artificially high numbers of deer can also increase the potential for disease among the deer population. "A change to area 67 could help alleviate some of these problems and would provide more hunting opportunity," said Justin Binfet, wildlife biologist in the Casper Region.

Any changes to deer hunt area 67 would take place during the 2012 hunting season. Wildlife managers urge hunters, members of the public and area landowners to attend the meeting to discuss the future of this hunt area. For more information call the Casper Game and Fish office at (307) 473-3409.

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