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Love Generations Deep - The Grammers

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05/01/2011 - By Gayle Irwin

Kay Grammer proves that love flows deep like the ocean. Guardian of two of her great-grandchildren for nearly six years, Kay officially adopted the children last month.

Christian, who is 11 years old, and Zoe, who is seven, also display a love that flows deeply between the generations. Christian helps Kay with yard work, planting flowers and tending the flowerbeds around the house, and Zoe says she enjoys "cuddle time at night with Grandma".

Both children are quite active, yet there is always special time shared as a family. Christian likes the outdoors and "he's crazy about the military," Kay stated. Christian is also an avid baseball fan, particularly the Yankees, like Grandma Kay.

"They win," Christian stated matter-of-factly when asked why he likes the Yankees. "You've got the good players there Babe (Ruth), A-Rod."

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"I've always been a Yankees fan," Kay chimed in.

Zoe is active at Beautiful Feet Dance Studio; she's involved with ballet and tumbling and is preparing for the spring recital to be held later this month. She goes to tumbling once a week and ballet once a week.

The family attends Highland Park Community Church; Kay has been part of the congregation for nearly 20 years. She had been in the choir, taught Sunday School, and participated in Bible studies. Christian plans to attend Adventures in Christian Kamping this summer where, in addition to spiritual learning, he'll have many outdoor activities in which to participate.

"He loved it last year," Kay said.

Picnics, concerts in Washington Park, bike riding, and evenings in the swing are on the agenda for summer activities together. Movie nights are a family tradition as well, Kay said.

"We have a special movie night every Friday night," she explained. "We do it up real special with popcorn and everything."

Making the children feel special is something Kay greatly enjoys. For example, during the holidays, Kay spends quality time with each child. It may be a movie or an event as the Casper Events Center.

"I like to take each one on a date," she said.

"We enjoy each other's company," she added.

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Before summer arrives, the children will participate in a talent show at their school. They currently attend Mountain View Elementary. Christian, a 5th grader, plans a comedy act for the show, and Zoe, who is in 2nd grade, will do a hula hoop performance.

Kay and her daughter, Teresa Heger, took the children into their home in 2005. Shortly thereafter, however, Teresa became quite ill and died unexpectedly of congestive heart failure. That left Kay to raise the children. However, she doesn't do it alone.

Another daughter, who lives in Cheyenne, welcomes the children for a few weeks each summer and takes them places such as Waterworld in Denver. Neighbors also insure the children have various special experiences like horseback riding, and for Christian, an elk hunting trip last fall.

Raising children takes time and energy, but the ultimate ingredient is love, something deeply displayed between Kay, Christian and Zoe and shared by those who know and care about this special family.

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