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05/01/2011 - In our continued battle against this epidemic of selfishness we must strive to be people of integrity. "Integrity" can be a very difficult concept to grasp and so far we have looked at the importance of loving during the trying times and finding joy despite our circumstances. Another component of integrity is a genuine attempt at peace. The key term here is "genuine".

"Peace" is a term that is thrown around very loosely and tends to be an idealized concept. We tend to think of peace meaning the absence of war. We tend to visualize flower children of the sixties flashing the peace sign and peace symbols on bumper stickers, face paint or tattoos. We would be very hard pressed to find any one person who is against the concept of world peace if obtainable. But we are a sadly hypocritical people. While we are crying "peace, peace", death and destruction falls on our heads. This comes not from the obvious enemies, but rather from us. While we lean on this idea of peace, we turn around and engage in battles with our family, friends and coworkers. We get incredibly heated at rival sports teams or their fans. Let us also not talk politics; we all know where that will get us.

What we need to do is narrow down our idea of who is responsible for peace. The answer to that is each of us individually. We will not be able to create peace world wide when we can't obtain it nationally. National peace will not be obtained if we are unable to be at peace locally. And there will be no peace locally if we can't figure out how to live in peace with our loved ones and our social group. As far is it depends on you, live at peace with those around you. Learn to let things go.

Here is a guarantee for life. Those we love will offend, disappoint and frustrate us. We will offend, disappoint and frustrate those we love. Usually not intentionally but we are humans with different opinions, ideas and shaping experiences. We don't have to fight among each other to get our points across. I often hear people, thinking they are being strong; insist they will never back down from a fight. That is the weakest way to deal with anything. It takes no intelligence or self control to start swinging fists or throwing out names and insults. Kids are getting into more and more trouble for "anger problems" when many are merely doing what is being modeled. It takes a lot of strength to offer forgiveness when we are offended or feel wronged. I am not arguing we roll over and be taken advantage of but it takes a lot of self control and intelligence to appropriately deal with necessary issues. A nation divided against its self cannot stand, and neither can the family. Learn to live at peace with those in your immediate circle of family and friends. As we are peaceful among each other, we may find it seeping out to the community, then nationally and who knows where it can go from there

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