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Cool Kid

Toby Sciacaa - Young Boy With a Big Heart

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05/01/2011 - By Gayle Irwin

Nine-year-old Toby Sciacca ("Shocka") doesn't spend too much time in one place. This busy boy attends Fort Caspar Academy, where he's on the Honor Roll, participates in hockey, skating, baseball and swimming as well as 4-H and Cub Scouts, attends The Word church with his parents, helps his dad around the house, takes cares of his numerous pets, goes camping, and puts up bird and butterfly houses. In his spare time he spends time with the elderly and the disabled by volunteering at different organizations.

Toby provides companionship for seniors at Shepherd of the Valley Care Center and helps people with brain injuries do crafts; he also participated in the Disability Walk in Casper earlier this year.

"I like to see them smile," Toby stated as his reason to volunteer.

Toby also greatly enjoys animals. In his room there are two parakeets and two love birds. In another part of the house that he shares with his parents, the active 9-year-old also cares for a turtle and his own cat and dog. Sunny, a 9-month-old female Shih Tzu, has become Toby's constant companion. Toby bought her himself and buys all the supplies to care for Sunny with money he earns from doing chores around the house.

"I thought she was a cutie pie," Toby said remembering seeing Sunny in the Pet Store nearly seven months ago.

He proudly shows the cart he needs to keep all of Sunny's supplies; this cart goes with the boy and his dog when they practice dog showmanship. Toby looks forward to this 4-H activity, something he's been doing weekly for nearly a month. They also have attended a dog obedience class together. All his and Sunny's efforts will culminate the middle of this month at their first official show, to be held at the Fairgrounds.

"She tries really hard," Toby said of his little dog. "She does really good."

"I like to do it (dog showmanship) to keep me active and get her exercise, too, and to bond with other dogs," Toby added.

Toby recently received the "God in Me" award from his Cub Scout troop. The ceremony was held at The Word church, with the award presented by his pastor.

This caring young lad displays God's love im many ways. In the last three years, he's donated many of his toys, including a nearly-new bicycle, to children in need around the community.

"I like being nice to people," Toby said.

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