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Business Spotlight

Rocky Mountain Veterinary Clinic

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05/01/2011 - By Gayle Irwin

When a person walks into Rocky Mountain Animal Hospital on Beverly Street, one cannot help but feel at ease. Bright walls with colorful illustrations of cats and dogs make a person smile, and the slogan above the exam doorway which states, "To cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always…" gives a client comfort.

The hospital officially opened its doors December 20, 2010, and Dr. Jane Mohr and her staff hosted an Open House earlier this spring which she said, "went very well." Dr. Mohr and her colleagues worked diligently for about six weeks last fall to prepare for opening, including setting up for the digital age.

"We are paper-light (at the clinic)," Dr. Mohr stated.

Although the building was already set for a veterinary clinic (the Beverly Street Clinic owned by the now-deceased Dr. Gaylord Welch), Dr. Mohr wanted to bring the veterinary hospital into the digital age with less paperwork and more advanced equipment. For example, X-rays taken at Rocky Mountain Animal Hospital are emailed to specialists at the Colorado State Veterinary Hospital in Fort Collins. Not only does this save paper, but also saves time.

Dr. Mohr spent five years doing veterinary work in Casper before opening her own practice at the Beverly Street location. She specializes in small animals, primarily dogs and cats.

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"I'm very happy," Dr. Mohr stated. "I always wanted to own and manage a clinic."

She also said she decided to open her own practice in Casper because her family lives here and the Beverly Street location is great because she believes "the Eastside (of Casper) needed another vet."

Dr. Mohr graduated from the University of Wisconsin Veterinary School in Madison in 2005. The rest of the Rocky Mountain Hospital team includes Chris Fowler -- Office Manager and Head Technician, Jen Rodgers -- Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant and Danielle Reilly -- Veterinary Assistant and Kennel Technician.

Prior to attending vet school, Dr. Mohr was a paralegal. She decided to go into veterinary medicine because "you should love what you're doing so you don't burn out."

She has visions for the future, including a 24-hour vet hospital. She believes Casper could use such a facility. Although not in the immediate future, Dr. Mohr hopes one day the vets in town will pool all their resources together and bring this need to reality.

In the meantime, the staff at Rocky Mountain Animal Hospital help people and their pets to the best of their ability, providing lab work, surgery, vaccinations, and boarding.

A special week in May is set aside across the nation as "Be Kind to Animals Week." At Rocky Mountain Animal Hospital, that slogan is put into practice not just for a week in May, but every day, all year long.

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