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Preparing for the Coming Growing Season

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04/01/2011 - If the weather outside is any indicator, we are in for a very nice spring. Lately, aside from the occasional rain/snow storm, the weather has been quite nice. Easter is so late this year that the Easter candy is having to fight for space on store shelves with Mothers Day gifts. Nowhere is that more true than in our greenhouses.

Most years Easter is early enough that we move the Lilies out and make room for the Mothers Day plants before they get too big. This year, with only two weeks separating the holidays, we are pressed for room to say the least. There is hardly enough room to walk in these greenhouses. I will be glad to have the extra room on the 25th, but by the 26th I am sure that it will all have been filled up by spring plants.

Just like our greenhouses, the plants in your yard are likely close to ready to burst into full growth for spring. Now is the time that you can do some things to help them out when they "spring" back to life.

If you have grass in your yard it should be showing some signs of greening up now, if it is not already fully green. If you haven't mowed it yet this year, you should. When you do this set your mower down one or two settings from your usual mowing setting. Doing this will remove the brown winter blades of grass to a lower point than the level you keep your grass in the summer, so it will not have brown showing. But do not scalp your lawn. Although it is cooler, so you can cut it a litter lower than normal. Cutting to less than about 1.5 inches could hurt your lawn, not to mention the fact that cutting too deep is pretty hard on a mower.

It is also a good time to get the lawn fertilized for the first time. For this application it is good to use a well balanced fertilizer (EX. 14-14-14) that contains micronutrients as well, especially iron. I recommend using a pellet type fertilizer, but liquid fertilizers are good too. They just do not last as long between applications. If you use a pellet fertilizer be sure to sweep the sidewalk when you are done, because fertilizers stain. If you have a lawn service many of them will offer a pellet application for an increased fee. This increased fee is usually worth the money because the pellet fertilizer will give you longer lasting, better, results. But make sure they clean the sidewalk too.

For your trees and shrubs now is a great time to prune out any dead branches from the winter, and to fertilize them with a well balanced fertilizer as well. In your flower beds, if there are matted leaves left over from the fall, be sure to clean them up. The leaves will slow the perennial flowers and bulbs ability to begin growing by causing them to have to expend more energy before reaching the sun. They may also cause them have some deformed leaves (Ex. Tulips and other bulbs).

Doing these small things to prep your yard for the coming growing season will make a huge difference in your plants' ability to thrive.

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