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Business Spotlight

Jack Jameson Insurance Agency

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04/01/2011 - By Gayle Irwin

In the eight years since working in the insurance industry, Jack Jameson believes the biggest change has been how people look for and purchase their insurance. "People are looking for discounts and convenience," Jack said. And his company can meet those needs.

Jack's company offers several types of insurance, including home, auto, life and business, providing that "one-stop shopping" opportunity many people seek. Placing all of one's insurance needs in the hands of one company gives policy-holders an added advantage: bundling insurance with one company provides a discount.

"Bundling multi-lines is convenient and saves people money," Jack said. "And, those are the people who stay with you a long time I like that."

One of the significant changes Jack has seen in the insurance business over the past few years is that now nearly half buy their insurance online. So, he now buys "internet leads" to help introduce himself to those searching for insurance via the Web.

Although his company, which is part of the Farmer's Insurance Group, meets many types of insurance needs for people, Jack said he most enjoys helping people learn more about and set up life insurance. In fact, he travels around the country conducting seminars and teaching other agents about life insurance, and he has won several awards in this arena.

"I like helping people and talking with people," he said. "Life insurance is my passion. I help people understand their needs and their need for good insurance and help them plan for the future. Cheapest is not always the way to go you need a good policy, and you're glad to have it when you need it."

Jack came to the insurance industry from the grocery industry. He said he had five children and was working 75 to 80 hours a week and felt the need to do something different in order to have more family time. He found the career change challenging and a bit "scary", but worth the venture.

"You need to build a clientele, but I had a good motivator: my family. Plus, I have the gift of gab," he said with a smile.

His family is part of the business as well; both his wife and oldest son work in the office. Tina Thompson is also part of the Jack Jameson Insurance Agency team.

"We work hard and care about people," Jack stated. "I really do care about my clients."

In addition to insurance, the company also offers financial services, adding to that provision of convenience and one-stop shopping!

Jack Jameson Insurance is located in the Sunrise Shopping Center on South Poplar Street. For inquiries about insurance and financial services, contact Jack and his team at 473-5560.

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