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Cool Kid

Hannah Conger

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03/01/2011 - By Sherri Roberts

With their super busy schedules, most teenagers can be extremely difficult to catch, but if you ever want to find eighteen year old Hannah Conger, the Casper Skating Rink is a good place to start. In fact, it has been the perfect place to locate Hannah since she was only four years old. She skates twice a day, four days a week and is at the rink six days a week. But although you may find her there, you'll never catch up with her. While she absolutely hated skating at first, it is her passion now. She loves to make her own wind in her hair as she gracefully spins and leaps on the ice. And she loves that roller coaster "ta-da" feeling as she lands and pushes out. While she is in her element, she is indeed a breathtaking site to watch.

Hannah's passion for skating is so great that a lot of the time when she is not working on her own skills, she is helping others to learn. She has taught with her mom since she was just seven years old and has taught private lessons since she was only thirteen. Currently she is an instructor for classes at the figure skating program at the Caper Skating Rink and teaches private lessons to four other students. In January of this year, Hannah took her private students as a team to a competition in Gillette where all of them earned at least one 1st place medal along with other awards!

Hannah has also been competing in figure skating herself since shortly after she first took the ice. She says her greatest accomplishment has been skating in regionals last October where she won first out of 15 and seventh out of 30 in freestyle!

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Hannah is plenty busy off the ice as well. She takes ballet and performance tech. classes at Casper College in order to stay active and complement her skating skills. She also attends Baptist Collegiate Ministries where she serves as part of the worship team. This month she will earn the highest citation offered in AWANA Clubs for a total memorization of almost 1,000 Scriptures!

Family is extremely important to the Congers. Hannah is the last of three kids at home and is very close to her parents. The three play Yatzee each morning over breakfast where she holds the record score of 511. They also love to relax together after a busy day by going to the movies or watching their favorite television shows.

She hopes to be a home educator like her mother, Theresa, someday. "We really are each other's best friends," she says and tells me that she admires her mom's patience and perseverance. "When I was little, I was a brat and didn't appreciate being homeschooled." Now, she says she is very grateful to her mom. Last month Hannah and her mom went to Disney World with her two sisters, Becky and Rachel, and her aunt, two great aunts, and her grandma. They even got to be grand marshals in the parade and ride in Mickey's limo!

Hannah is very proud of her dad, Don, owner of Conger Construction, because he has always worked so hard in order to allow her mom to stay home and let her kids be her focus. "God has blessed my dad so much, which has allowed him to bless us. He goes above and beyond what most dads do. Instead of spending money on himself, he gives to his kids. He's Super Dad to me."

What a pleasure it has been to get to know this beautiful and talented young lady. With the support of her family coupled with her faith, winning smile, talent and energy, Hannah Conger's future is sure to be great on and off the ice.

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