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Visions Plus and Salt City Candles

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03/01/2011 - By Sherri Roberts

At the intersection of good old fashioned business and modern eye wear fashion lies one of downtown Casper's most precious and longstanding treasures, Visions Plus Inc. What a treat it was for me to discover this asset to our community last week. The first pleasant surprise as I contemplated finding a parking place on busy 2nd Street was that this was one of the very few businesses downtown with convenient off-street parking!

I was greeted with the warm smiles of the Visions Plus team, which is oozing with experience and education. As they told me their story I learned that 18 years ago, Byron and Toni Lussier of Vision Optical merged with Gary Row of Optical Arts Vision Center, and Visions Plus was born. By then the Lussiers had already been in practice as opticians since 1971 and Mr. Row had been in practice since 1973. All have been nationally certified by the American Board of Opticians. Gary Row also brings a national contact lens examiners certification and Bryon Lussier is the only master optician in the state of Wyoming! Adding to this lineup of experts are two other dedicated opticians. Robin Schauss joined the practice 14 years ago and Donetta Eley came on board nine years ago. Dr. Brattis recently joined forces with Visions Plus in addition to his practice, Brattis Vision, where he has been dedicated to quality to eye care in Casper for 33 years! Toni says this merge is working quite well because Dr. Brattis has the same morals and ethics as the rest of the group and is committed to putting the patient first.

My next surprise was how beautiful the store is inside. I truly have never seen such a gorgeous selection of eye glasses, frames, and accessories as I saw at Visions Plus. There is an enormous variety of frames and they can get any brand a customer desires. I even saw Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, and Daniel Swaravski Crystal eyewear. There were fun accessories, hand made genuine silver eye glass chains by a Native American artist in North Dakota, and designer eye glass cases.

At Visions Plus, they realize that everyone has unique needs and they go the extra mile to get any item a customer may need. Besides normal prescription eye glasses, you can get contacts, sunglasses, sports and motorcycle glasses, swim goggles, scuba masks, eye gaskets to keep out wind for bike riding, and Gunnar glasses to prevent eye fatigue during computer use.

Visions Plus accepts all major insurance plans including Equality Care and Medicare and provides services others may not. Besides fitting glasses and contacts, these opticians grind glasses and can do on-site soldering and other repairs. They are dedicated to working with each customer until their glasses work for them.

As if all of this isn't enough, there is another added treat at Visions Plus. You will immediately notice the pleasant and comforting scents of Toni's Salt City products as soon as you enter the store. She has catalogues available, but tries to keep all of the products in stock including, candles, warmers, lamps, diffuser sets, and scent tiles.

Whether it's candles or glasses, the Visions Plus team aims to continue to provide their traditional quality service and care and while staying upbeat and up to date on modern trends. To experience this hometown kind of attention, stop in at 204th South Durbin across from the library or give them a call at 307-235-20/20.

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