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Cool Kid

Abigail Blesi

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02/01/2011 - By Sherri Roberts

Sometimes in this world, the meaning of love gets confused, but according to Abigail Blesi, true love is shown in service to others. Because of this mature wisdom, Abigail, who just turned 11 on 1-11-11 already knows what she wants to be when she is all grown up. She says she really likes helping other people and that one of the best ways to put this into practice is to become a nurse. "My dad says it will take six years of college, but I don't mind going through that much college if it means I can be a nurse." In fact, she plans on completing her first two years of undergraduate studies in high school.

For now, Abigail likes to share her love for others by making things for them. She has acquired many handy skills from her grandma and her mom, including cross stitch, knitting, and sewing. She says she especially loves her Mom and Dad, John and Denise, and her little sister, Bethany. "Bethany is an octopus sister, always hugging me," she giggles. Abigail likes to craft new things for her affectionate sister and is now sewing a purse for her.

Abigail is in the fifth grade at Grant Elementary School where her mom is a pre-school and lunch room assistant. Her dad works in electronics at Casper College and was the head referee at the state Lego Robotics Competition in December. Abigail participates on a robotics team for her school and is also active in AWANA at Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church.

The Blesi family enjoys helping their community too. They assist their neighbor with their cat, periodically clean their church building, and make Operation Christmas Child boxes during the holidays.

Sometimes Abigail takes time for herself too and when she does, she is usually reading. She likes all kinds of fun books and even has tried to write a few. Another of her favorite hobbies is drawing. She says she got her start in this when she was trying to sketch a dragon for class. "You should have seen the dragon I made. I couldn't get it right so I just threw it on the paper and it turned out pretty good!" She added, "I like to draw things nobody has ever seen," such as unicorns and fairies.

Abigail had a Disney World birthday celebration last month! She said her favorite part was the animal kingdom on "Mt. Everest." They also had a good time watching the Florida natives who "looked ridiculous all bundled up" while the Blesis enjoyed short sleeves. "I wonder what those people would do in Wyoming," she often asks herself.

What an inspiration to meet someone who is driven not by money or status, but by her desire to serve her fellow man. Abigail is a delight to all who meet her and I'm sure, with a family that has taught her about the true meaning of love, she will achieve her nursing dreams someday.

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