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Speaking the Language of Love: Vince and Miho Romeo

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02/01/2011 - By Gayle Irwin

"Love is patient, love is kind…" 1st Corinthians 13:4

Most people would agree that communication is vital to a successful marriage. A couple who truly understands this concept is Vince and Miho Romero.

Married for less than two years, this young couple recognizes the value of strong, loving communication. Vince and Miho met in 2008 while he was stationed with the Navy in Japan. Communication and culture could be a major obstacle in their relationship, but, according to Vince, both factors actually make their marriage – and their individual lives – stronger.

Vince said he often has to explain himself to Miho a few times before she completely understands his meaning.

"American slang, and the meaning of different words, are some things that are harder for her to understand," Vince explained. "I may have to repeat myself, or explain something three or four times before she understands what I'm saying.

"I feel I've learned more patience and to be more understanding," Vince added. "Compromise and communication are important in a marriage; communication can make or break a marriage."

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Miho was exposed to the English language while in school in Japan, however, a trip to New Zealand, where she lived for nearly a year, increased her English vocabulary. Vince's experience in the Navy living in Japan allowed him to pick up several Japanese words, and his wife is continuing his Japanese language education.

"She's created a chart on the wall and that helps – Japanese is something I want to learn," Vince said.

Coming to America, a different country, and to Casper, Wyoming, a much smaller town, was not an easy process for Miho, nor for Vince. They were apart for more than six months while waiting for her immigration papers. However, the wait was worth it, they agreed. One month after her arrival, April 2009, they were married.

"I'm comfortable, relaxed, and not lonely," Miho said.

The young former Navy man said he was instantly attracted to the pretty Japanese woman as she showed him rentals off-base after he arrived in her community of Yokosuka, Japan. Miho worked as a housing agent and helped him find living quarters away from base. However, she turned him down when he first asked her out.

The second time, however, she agreed, and together with friends, they went skiing. That's when they learned they had several things in common, including enjoying adventure. Miho rode a motorcycle around Yokosuka, and was an avid skier. She also enjoyed traveling, an adventure the two continue to share. They recently returned from the Bahamas where they experienced diving, and they plan a ski trip to Jackson in the near future. This summer their travels will take them to Hawaii for a family member's wedding.

In addition to traveling and outdoor activities, the two enjoy people and animals. Miho is studying to be a vet tech, currently taking on-line classes while working at the River's Edge Café. She also greatly enjoys scrapbooking and cooking, something Vince encourages in his young bride.

"She's an amazing cook!" he exclaimed. "When I look in the refrigerator and see nothing, she comes up with these incredible dinners."

"I love eating and trying new things," Miho said.

Desserts are her focus right now, she added.

With family members living outside of Wyoming, Vince and Miho share times with each other, with friends, and with their two dogs: a Border Collie mix and a Welsh Corgi. Vince's family lives in Pennsylvania, where he grew up, and Miho's family still lives in Japan. Each has siblings, and each say their family is very close. Vince said the one thing he misses living in Casper is his parents and siblings.

Although the Navy brought him from Japan to Casper (he served as a recruiter), Vince left the service but chose to stay in Casper for several reasons.

"I've always loved the outdoors," he said, "and that's why I love it out here."

Although Miho said she misses the numerous restaurants and shopping that a large city like her hometown in Japan provides, she enjoys Casper for the outdoor activities and because of the people.

"I like the people here, they are kind," she said. "People are not as friendly where I lived."

Enjoyment of people is what steered Vince to begin a career at NOWCAP after he left the Navy.

"I have a passion for working with people," he said.

He has also volunteered with Meals on Wheels, and he and Miho are considering volunteering with the Casper Humane Society in the near future because of their enjoyment of animals.

Where some people might focus on contrasts, Vince and Miho are a young couple who have discovered (and continue to discover) similarities despite differences in language and culture, sharing enjoyment of adventures and of people, creatures and creation. They have found love with and in each other.

"I've never been happier in my whole life," Vince stated.

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