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02/01/2011 - By Sherri Roberts

Have you ever noticed that when most people want to remodel they start with the bathroom? This is because most of us can think of changes we would like to make in this room of the house from minor lighting fixture replacements to major projects like reflooring or trading out a bathtub for a shower. Whatever the task, Rebath, the world's largest bathroom remodeler for over 30 years, is now here in Casper to tackle it all.

We can thank Gavin Davenport and Carrie DePaemelere, for bringing Rebath to our community. They actually started out with another business, Casper Home Solutions, a real estate investment company. They noticed that most of the homes they bought needed bathroom work, so in September of last year, they opened Rebath.

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There are, of course, other quality companies here that do home remodeling. But Rebath is unique in that they focus exclusively on bathrooms. They also guarantee that every job, big or small, will be completed in one to two days! And they don't use tile, which can crack and discolor over time. Instead, they treat your bathroom to S.S.P., a solid surface polymer that looks like tile, but is nonporous and guaranteed for the lifetime of the owner to never split, crack, chip, peel, or discolor. In fact, all of their labor and service has a lifetime warranty.

Just one call to Rebath will send Carrie to your home with color and texture samples that you can touch and feel. She will give you a free in-home quote that is guaranteed accurate to the penny. Then, Gavin, who is not only trained through Rebath but is also E.P.A. certified and a licensed contractor, will bring his team out and get to work.

So, what do you want in your bathroom? Gavin says, "If you can dream it, I can do it." He can give you beautiful flooring, vanities, regular or seated showers, jet tubs, walk-in tubs, lighting, mirrors, and even massaging neck pillows!

If you still can't quite visualize which changes you'd like to make, don't worry. Gavin and Carrie will bring their Rebath trailer right to your home where you can see for yourself many gorgeous real life examples of their work. They also have a beautiful brochure full of inspiring ideas. You can catch them three times a year at Sam's Club and soon they will be in the Home Depot year round.

As of now, Rebath is in all of eastern Wyoming and Carrie and Gavin are working to make it grow. Among other places they will be at the Central Wyoming Fair, Cheyenne Frontier Days, the State Fair, the Women's Expo, and at many home shows throughout this year. They plan to stay in Wyoming and step into South Dakota.

If you are ready to make your bathroom your favorite room in your house, give Rebath a call at 307-222-0407. You can also visit them on the web at www.rebath.com.

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