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Cool Kid

Charity Palmer

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12/01/2010 - By Sherri Roberts

'Tis the season for visions of gumdrops and other Christmas wishes and children all over are busy making their lists for parents and grandparents. Some are asking for bicycles or scooters, while others want packages filled with electronic games and toys. Ten-year-old Charity Palmer is not asking for any of these things, though. She doesn't even want a cute and cuddly puppy peeking out of her stocking. At the top of her list is a slimy salamander!

Charity has always been fond of all kinds of amphibians, bugs, and other creatures. She has even been known to play with bees without getting stung. In fact, she and her brother, 11-year-old Michael, have gone to west Laramie (the best place for hunting critters) and brought home many a salamander in water bottles. But these have all been banished from the house by Charity's dad and have not been allowed to live in her room as pets.

Presents, salamanders or not, are not Charity's favorite part of the Christmas holiday. She loves making memories with the people she loves most, her parents and grandparents. Every Christmas season, the Palmer family spends a little time with each of their grandparents here and in Laramie. Charity especially loves to visit her Grandpa Palmer because, "He is a chef! He makes lots of good food from scratch."

If Charity gives you a Christmas gift, you can bet she has put herself into it. She loves to make things for other people. From crafty straw figures for her friends and relatives to cookies for the neighbors, Charity derives great joy from creating things for others. She has even made a quilt for her grandma. Each year, she pours her spirit of service into putting together a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child, a ministry that sends boxes of toys and candy to needy children all over the globe. And she will bless her church congregation this year with her "Go Tell It on the Mountain" piano piece.

Another one of Charity's talents that will come in handy for gift giving this year is her writing. In fact, she recently won first place in the district Wyoming Young Author's competition for her collection of original poetry. Next, her book went on to the state competition where she again earned the first place medal for her division. Friends and family will receive a special Christmas treat this year when she presents them with a copy of her award winning work!

Serving others is not something Charity does only at Christmas time. She and her siblings enjoy helping their neighbors by mowing yards in the summer and clearing snow off of their walks and cars in winter. Charity helps at home, too, with laundry and getting lots of mom practice by taking care of her 2-year-old sister, Amelia. She has already changed plenty of diapers, given lots of baths, and even assisted with potty training!

According to her mom, Charity is an extremely self-motivated planner, which is great when it comes to chores and school work. This has also helped her make a strategy for her future. Charity wants to be a missionary in Thailand or Russia where she would like to run an orphanage. She wants to do this, "to tell others about Jesus Christ because that's what He told us to do."

Imagine what our community would be like if we all followed the example of this young lady to serve God and others with a creative and generous love. Here's hoping her Christmas will be as special as she is and that she will reap some of the blessings she has given others!

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