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Cool Kid

Timothy Hunter Kelbert

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11/01/2010 - By Sherri Roberts

Fourteen-year-old Timothy Hunter Kelbert, or Hunter as he's usually called, sits up straight and puffs out his chest just a bit when he talks about the long line of military service on both sides of his family. That is why to interview him is to be submerged in a delightfully colorful and detailed history lesson. In just a few minutes one can learn, among other things, that during WWII bacon fat was used to make explosives, that the Monopoly game was used to rescue thousands of POW's, and that a barrage of inflated balloons shaped and hand-painted to look like tanks was used as a decoy for the Normandy invasion.

Like other teenage boys, this young man is crazy about the history of military, guns, and warfare. He even only plays video games that have to do with WWI, WWII, or other historical events and likes to engage in air soft or paintball with friends until well after the sun goes to bed.

Hunter hopes to carry on the family tradition by pursuing a military career, specifically in the Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen (SWCC). According to Hunter, one of the duties of this division of Special Forces in the Navy is "inserting and extracting Navy Seals to where they need to go in an extremely fast boat loaded with big guns."

To help begin preparing him for the future, Hunter plans to enter college classes through the Boces program next year. In the mean time he is currently enrolled in Reserve Officers Training Corps at Natrona County High School. He enjoys R.O.T.C.'s challenge of studying and writing current events and practicing marching drills, but he says the best part is the physical training because it is the most active.

Hunter comes by his desire to be physically active naturally. He and his dad, Tim of CK Mechanical, enjoy hunting big game such as elk, deer, and white tail together. They also can be seen clearing the furniture on a Sunday afternoon for a friendly father/son wrestling match. The Kelberts also like to get their exercise dirt biking together out in the Poison Spider Area.

Hunter is also an especially inventive thinker. This is why he might like to design his own video games someday. He is currently working on a military themed novel and is creative in entertaining his two sisters, Victoria (age 11) and Julianna (age 9). Victoria says that what she loves about Hunter is that he "makes up his own games and they are really fun." She also says that "his drawings are amazing."

One of the best qualities about Hunter is his heart for service. His mom, Kim (a dance instructor), says that not only does he willingly complete his household chores such as taking care of the chickens, but he also does the bulk of the family's summer lawn care and cooks two to three times a week. He also serves several times a week at his church, College Heights Baptist. On Fridays Hunter is the "set up and tear down man" for the Casper Homeschool Cooperative, he plays guitar for his youth group worship team on Wednesday nights, and he often runs the sound system on Sunday mornings.

Hunter's analytical, yet creative, mind coupled with his love for science landed him admission in the Casper Mountain Science School last summer. He says he enjoyed the experience and learned a lot but that his real passion is creation science. He especially welcomes a rousing creation vs. evolution debate.

Hunter's parents are proud of all of his abilities, interests, and achievements, but they are most proud of his character. One of Hunter's instructors at N.C.H.S. recently shared that he appreciates that Hunter doesn't dress and behave like so many other kids his age and that he is not afraid to be his own person. Asked what kind of man he hopes to become, Hunter reveals, "I want to have a lot of knowledge. I want to be the best guy around, the guy you go to get work done."

Although Hunter's determination, heart of service, and quickly accumulating knowledge and wisdom are not military issue, they mean he will be well armed for every battle in life.

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