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The Jim and Kim Shade Family

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10/01/2010 - When I first met Kim Shade, I was immediately drawn to her outgoing personality and great sense of humor. I remember noticing that she was always positive and optimistic. It almost seemed as if she had never had a problem in her entire life. As I got to know Kim a little better I discovered that quite the oposite was true. Kim is an overcomer.

Jim Shade is from Kim's mother's hometown of Worthington, Minnesota. When Kim's family would come to the United States on furlough from their mission field in Brazil, they would visit the Worthington Christian Church that supported their ministry. On one of those visits Jim and Kim met for the first time.

Years later they attended Bible college together and became friends. After Kim's freshman year of college she went back to Brazil to be with her family, only to return to Minnesota eight months later when her mother became ill. During the course of Kim's mother's treatment and death in 1990, Jim and Kim started dating and ultimately married in February of 1993. Three months after getting married they took their first youth ministry position in Minnesota. They've been in paid ministry positions ever since, which include another youth ministry, church planting, and (currently) Jim is the senior minister at Christian Church of Casper on Zero Road near the Vista West communities.

Three days after accepting the position in Casper, while they were still in Madison, Wisconsin, Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer. They moved to Casper after Kim had surgery while still in Madison, to start her chemotherapy treatments here at Rocky Mountain Oncology. The medical team at the clinic and the love of their church helped Kim through this difficult time. Kim noted that it was special that she happened to be telling her story during October, which is breast cancer awareness month.

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Kim has an amazing testimony. She was told when she was diagnosed that she had very little chance of sirviving five years as this type of cancer is very aggressive. While she was on the table for a PET scan she felt something like an electrical charge shoot through her body. She said, "God, are You healing me? I think You are healing me! If You are healing me I'm going to be soooo excited. If You're not, I'm going to be REALLY dissapointed!" The results of that PET scan showed no cancer to be found anywhere. This was before Kim began any chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Kim has had many PET scans since that time but she has never felt that electrical sensation even one time since. Now, two years later, Kim says she was "healed by the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ".

Jim and Kim have been married for 17 years. Their 16-year-old son, Levi, just got his driver's license ("which he is very much enjoying"). He plays wide receiver, punter, and defensive back for the Boys Sophomore football team at Natrona County High School.

Thirteen-year-old Rachel is an eighth grader at Poison Spider School. She takes ballet at Beautiful Feet Academy of the Dance Arts and has shown such talent that she was invited to participate with their competition dance team and performance company. She especially enjoys her pointe shoes which "make her look and feel like a true ballerina".

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Isaac (seven) is in second grade at Poison Spider. He is a quiet sort who has a lot of fun, yet deep, thoughts at all times. "He is known as the brains of the operation for this family," Kim says. He also enjoys sports just like his big brother and daddy. He recently lost his first tooth and wondered if anyone else has ever lost a tooth!

Judah (four) started preschool this year and is learning how to be part of a group learning setting. He is doing well and enjoying it very much. He has all the energy a four-year-old should have and then a little extra. He is constantly busy and loves to snuggle with Mom.

Kim is a stay-at-home mom who loves to spend time hugging Judah and taking care of the house affairs with Judah right there to "help" in everything. He especially enjoys baking with Mommy.

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"Our family enoys helping out with the music at church. Levi plays the bass, Rachel plays the keyboard and sings, Kim sings and plays the keyboard and guitar, and Jim leads worship and plays the drums. "Isaac and Judah aren't currently playing any instruments but will probably some day soon," Kim says. Jim is very energetic and full of personality, which serves to enhance his gift for preaching. (By the way, Rachel is not the only dancer in the family -- Both Jim and Kim have been assigned special parts in a competition dance.)

"Our family enjoys the Wyoming life and the slower pace that is part of 'Wild West life'. We enjoy seeing the wildlife as it roams through our backyard with a gorgeous sunset as the back drop. The sky is so amazing here with the bright blue during the day and the incredible amount of stars at night. None of us misses the humidity that is part of summer life in other parts of the country. However, if we ever should leave Casper, we might have to relearn how to walk upright again instead of bent forward against the wind," Kim says with a twinkle in her eye.

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