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Around Our Town: Adoption

One Child at a Time

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10/01/2010 - by Kris Katzmann

The numbers are staggering. One hundred sixty three million orphans* and over four hundred thousand children** in the U.S. foster care system are in need. These numbers seem hopeless. How can one person help so many children? Each of us can make a difference one child at a time. Many local individuals are answering this call.

Steve and Kristen are making a difference. Almost three years ago they became certified to take children into their home through foster care. Their focus is to help heal broken families by working with the children's natural parents and using community resources. Despite the difficult situations they encounter, they experience many blessings.

Brian and Megan are also making a difference. They love being parents to their three natural children and they decided to grow their family through adoption. They connected with a particular little boy on an adoption service website and they believe God asked them, "Could you love this one child?" They brought their son home from China over a year ago and say that it is a privilege for them to be his parents.

November 7th is Orphan Sunday. Churches from across the nation will stand with a unified voice to bring awareness to the plight of the orphan. We are called to make a difference. We can adopt, open our homes to foster children or walk alongside families that do. We can choose to bless a family financially by giving towards their adoption expenses or sponsor a child in an international orphanage. If you would like to find an Orphan Sunday event in Casper, go to www.orphansunday.org/find-event.

The Wyoming Adoption & Foster Care Alliance was formed to provide resources for serving orphans. On November 20th the Alliance invites you to an Adoption Seminar for those of you interested in finding out more about adopting. You may also log onto www.wyafc.org.

We are not asked to change a child's past, nor to control their future, but to love, guide and teach them today. Yes, the numbers are staggering, but YOU can make a difference one child at a time.

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