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The Weis Family

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09/01/2010 - One glance at this month's cover photo and it is obvious that his little granddaughters are the apple ot Wade Weis's eye. It's just possible he didn't know he could fit so perfectly around their little fingers either.

When Wade Weis met Lynne Elmore at Natrona County High School (NCHS) and they became high school sweethearts, they didn't know the treasure in store for them. "We married when we were 19 and have 'grown up' together," Lynne explains. The couple just celebrated their 37th anniversary on August 4th.

Wade has been a Leadman/Supervisor in the warehouse at Wyoming Machinery for 31 years. Lynne has recently retired, loves gardening and is very happy to have time to spend with granddaughters, Allie amd Sarah, who just happen to be the apple of her eye, as well.

"Casper has been a great place to raise a family, and the thing we like most is that all of our immediate family lives here -- our parents, children, grandchildren, brother and sister-in-law, nieces and nephews. We (our whole family) are so happy and blessed to attend Highland Park Community Church. We (all 19 of us) go to church and then to dinner every week -- you could say we have a family reunion every weekend. It has given us a special love and closeness that is truly a blessing from God," Lynne says.

Wade and Lynn have two children -- Shawn, who was born four years after they married, and Schlee, born three years after Shawn. Shawn and Schlee both attended Natrona County High School and both graduated from the University of Northern Colorado. Shawn is the director of bands at NCHS and Schlee is a special education teacher at University Park School.

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Shawn met his wife, Amanda (director of bands at CY Middle School), at the first rehearsal of the Pride Of The Rockies Marching Band at the University of Northern Colorado in 1998. "I was new to the school, having transferred from Casper College," Shawn says. "Amanda had switched from flute to trumpet that season so she would have some experience playing brass before she started teaching. We were placed beside each other on the field for that rehearsal and we've been together ever since." They married in 2002 at the church in which they had both given their senior recitals.

Shawn and Amanda have two daughters. Allie is five-years-old and loves Disney princesses and Toy Story. "Her favorite things in the world are her pink pillow, her Buzz Lightyear toy and her stuffed animal (Stitch)," her dad says.

Sarah is eight-months-old and just getting her first two teeth. "She is crawling around a lot now and smiles more than any baby we have ever seen!" Shawn says.

"I have lived here (Casper) since I was born and never really thought about living anywhere else. Casper just always has been home," Shawn says. "After spending some time here visiting me, Amanda realized what a great place it is. We have really enjoyed living here where so much of our family lives."

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